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Toohig Tidbits: Baby Cressey Edition

Sickness: So far, this pregnancy has been pretty good to me. I had some morning (all day) sickness for the first 14 weeks, which I didn’t really have with HG. (With her, I just had 2-3 early morning spells but never got sick.) This time, I didn’t get sick but was constantly planning where I would go if I did throw up. One pill of Diclegis a day kept that at bay, and around 14 wks, I finally felt normal again. I had some hormonal headaches around that point too.

Cravings: At the beginning, I wanted nothing but guacamole and Panera breakfast sandwiches, but those cravings waned by the second trimester. I generally have wanted nothing to do with salads or vegetables, but so far, no other crazy requests.

Side Effects: By 12 wks, I wasn’t falling asleep sitting up anymore- yay! I started taking Aspirin daily at 13 wks to prevent preclampsia, so I had a little gum bleeding from that (which scared me to death at first). For the record, John says I have been much more emotionally ‘tame’ than last time, so I consider that a big win. Maybe Cressey will be the same way!

Weight Gain: I gained 4-5 pounds by 14 wks but could fit in my larger sized jeans. By 16 wks, my coworkers could see a baby bump. By 18 wks, I had gained 7-8 lbs, and I was limited to very few pairs of pants (one pair of larger jeans and stretchy black work pants). By 22 wks, I was up 13-15 lbs, and maternity clothes were really the most comfortable option. Thank goodness that long tunics and dresses with leggings are in style! By 23 wks, I saw a colleague I hadn’t seen in a while, and she took one look at me and said, “Are you pregnant?”

Movement: Around 14 wks, I felt three seperate twinges that I thought might be her moving. They got stronger by the week, and at 17 wks, I was laying in bed in the morning and could repeatedly feel her move. By 20 wks, I could see her kicks from the outside (see video below). John and HG still (at 25 wks) haven’t been able to feel her though.

Here are some Cressey tidbits…

At DG initiation, we were singing Will You Wear Our Anchor, and baby girl flipped. A sign maybe??

HG really loves to go to my doctor appointments with me, partly because she gets to see pics of Cressey and partly because Dr. Neblett gives his ‘assistant’ a handful of suckers. She has learned a whole lot about all the things you have to do in this process (she was absolutely disgusted by leaving a sample). I told her, “This is what we mamas do for baby girls.” She quickly followed up with, “And it’s all worth it.” She paused for a minute and then said, “That’s why I’ll adopt.”

“When you have a sister, you always have magic because you love each other.”

HG was cruising keychains at a gas station and was frustrated that she couldn’t find one with her name on it. I said, “Well, baby, you have an old name. It’s not terribly common.” And she said, “It’s old but I’m new, so that makes it special. Just like Cressey too.”

At an ultrasound, we were having trouble getting Cressey to cooperate and show us her face. Exasperated, HG said, “We come in peace!” The tech had such a giggle fit that she had to take a minute. She keeps us in stitiches!
October 13, 2015: 14 wks 1 day, heart rate 154
2015-10-13 08.49.37
Oct 25, 2015: 15 wks 6 days (HG as photographer)
2015-10-25 17.43.53
Oct 26, 2015: 16 wks
2015-10-26 09.55.31
2015-10-26 09.55.43
Nov 11, 2015: 18 wks 2 days (HG as photographer)
2015-11-11 17.57.29
November 25, 2015: Dr. Samson’s check up at 20 wks 2 days. Heart rate of 141.
She was a VERY happy big sister this day with all these pics.
November 28, 2015: 20 wks 5 days (in New York)
December 4, 2015: 21 wks 4 days (after Raymond James Christmas party)
December 8, 2015: 22 wks 1 day, caught her in a yawn!
2015-12-08 20.48.39
December 21, 2015: 24 wks. This is Cressey with both her feet and her elbow up against her face. Quite flexible! She weighed 1 lb 10 oz (60th percentile), and her heart rate was 145.
2015-12-21 10.06.06
And then she moved her feet and let us see that precious face…
2015-12-21 10.06.25
"I have a baby in my belly like mama!"
2015-12-10 20.46.512015-12-27 13.40.13
December 26, 2015: 24 wks 5 days. HG loves to watch videos about babies’ development on BabyCenter, and she stumbled across one about the top 10 things you need to have to be ready for baby. Immediately afterward, she wanted to go upstairs and work on her room. This is her drawing plans for the layout of Cressey’s room.
2015-12-26 10.32.32
2015-12-26 12.23.39
Then she wanted to go shopping, so off we went to Babies R Us. We found a stroller, car seat, bases, boppy, bathtub, etc. HG had the best time trying everything out and was excited at every aisle. I soaked it all up, watching even John being excited looking at all the girly baby stuff. As we pulled away from the store, my eyes filled up with tears, thinking how I never thought I’d be back in that store, picking out things for HG’s little sister. It made it so much more real after chasing this elusive dream for so many years. We prayed and worked so hard for this little miracle, and we are more grateful than words can say.
2015-12-26 13.59.46
2015-12-26 14.00.31
2015-12-26 14.07.40
She had to have the Boppy on her lap for the ride home.
2015-12-26 14.21.57

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