Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SAA Christmas Party & Program

The last two weeks of school were action packed with the first grade Christmas party and the lower school Christmas program. At their party, the girls had a big time running around from station to station and showing us their artwork and projects around the room. Afterward, I had a work dinner, so GD and Spiffer picked her up in carpool. She was desperate for me to leave so that she could be the first one in line at the front door for pickup!

For the lower school program, the first grade girls started off the show with “Must Surely Be Christmastime,” then sat and watched the other grades sing, and finally helped close the show with “Feliz Navidad.” She’s been {very excitedly} practicing her songs for weeks and did a great job.

I can't get her to understand that it's "Feliz NaVidad," but I gave up because it's kinda cute her way.

Christmas party! Painting an ornament with their initials
2015-12-15 14.08.43
Making reindeer food
2015-12-15 14.16.47
“I want to sit on your lap, Mama.” I’ve never sat down quicker.
2015-12-15 14.27.38
2015-12-15 14.28.16-1
2015-12-15 14.38.12
“Mary said ‘yes’ to God. What do you say ‘yes’ to?”
2015-12-15 14.39.14
HG wrote this story about where she’d go if she were a snowflake.
2015-12-15 14.46.59
2015-12-15 14.51.57
Ready for her lower school Christmas program
2015-12-16 07.04.21
First grade girls perform “Must Surely Be Christmastime”
Back on stage to sing “Feliz Navidad” with the other grades
2015-12-16 14.26.44
2015-12-16 14.29.18
2015-12-16 14.29.36

As we walked out the door, she jumped into an impromptu photo shoot with the Coletta and Fik girls.
2015-12-16 14.45.16

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