Saturday, December 26, 2015

Elf on the Shelf

The first day of December brought back our favorite little friend from the North Pole. I honestly couldn’t remember his name from last year, but HG swears it was Snowflake Mist- so be it! Halfway through the month, she really got stuck on wanting him to have a friend girl, so soon thereafter, Elfa arrived to keep Snowflake Mist company. Every year, she gets more and more into the elf’s shenanigans. It sure does make for an easy wake up call on school mornings. She flies out of bed to see where he is that day, and some mornings, John and I will hear a squeal before we even know she is out of bed!

He’s back!








2015-12-04 21.53.41-1

The elf in HG’s classroom, Fred, writes in invisible ink, so she and Snowflake Mist wrote a few letters back and forth in invisible ink too (after this initial one). She was really big into writing him notes this year.

2015-12-06 21.01.12

2015-12-09 21.05.47

2015-12-10 05.45.25

2015-12-10 05.45.40

2015-12-10 21.27.00


2015-12-17 21.17.21

2015-12-19 20.51.59

2015-12-21 06.43.05

2015-12-21 21.46.00

2015-12-21 21.46.09

The kitties got up close and personal this year too.

2015-12-22 19.49.31

2015-12-23 17.58.54

And saying goodbye on their last night…

2015-12-23 22.06.55

2015-12-23 22.07.52

The reason for the season

2015-12-23 22.08.27

Snowflake Mist and Elfa liked to taunt Blue too.

2015-12-24 07.40.13

Here’s a story from HG about her elf’s arrival…

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