Monday, December 28, 2015


I guess because of her late night on Christmas Eve, HG slept until 7:30 on Christmas morning. I think that might be a record. Whooohooo! Despite throwing Santa a curve ball with her last minute requests, she was happy with all that Santa brought her (and never mentioned the things he didn’t add on). I was very pleased with her handling that so maturely. She loved the American Girl Doll pajamas, FurReal puppy dog, Take Care of Me Lambie, and sno cone machine. Shopkins, Legos, a pin art thing, Doc McStuffins Mobile Cart, and chapter books were also high on her list.

Granddaddy and Spiffer brought over breakfast, and we all exchanged our gifts. Their biggest hits for HG were a vintage-inspired-with-a-modern-twist View-Master Virtual Reality (you open the app on your phone, put your cell phone inside it, and take a journey to various destinations) and then a VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch that she has yet to take off (complete with camera and games). 

GD, Spiffer, Grandma, Bubba, Uncle Bill, Aunt Di, William, Ryves, Mary Chris, and Darby joined us for a very casual dinner that night (we used our every day china for the meal and paper plates for dessert- gasp!), and we all sat around the dinner table for a long time chatting and catching up. HG loved entertaining Darby (they were attached at the hip all night), and Mary Chris said she had such a good time with her hands free all night! Their second baby is due on Dec. 29, so she needed a break!

We were missing our FL/LA crew, but I loved having the William and Ryves together and was thankful Ryves had the day off to be with us since he worked Thanksgiving. Next Christmas will bring a whole new round of Moore little ones! 

P.S. Darby actually left her bunny, Bebe, at our house that night. We offered to drive it up there because we know she is as attached to it as HG is to Lovey, but they refused and made due with another toy. It did mean that we got to see MC and Darby again the next day though when we rendezvoused to get Bebe back to her!

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2015-12-25 16.20.36
HG made place cards for the crowd to ensure she and Darby could sit next to each other. When I fixed a plate for HG and took it to her plate, I giggled at what she had chosen for her Christmas meal.2015-12-25 16.53.31
2015-12-25 17.59.58
2015-12-25 18.13.53-1
2015-12-25 18.56.55-1
2015-12-26 17.09.01

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