Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weekend Road Trip: Moon Lake & DG Initiation

Helen Grace and I hit the road the weekend of August 22nd. First up, we headed to the Mississippi Delta to celebrate Sallie Key’s 7th birthday on Moon Lake. HG has been out on a lake before, earlier this summer with the Hudsons at Horseshoe, but this time, she was excited to try tubing.

When Trey asked who wanted to give it a go, HG stuck her hand right up. She was the second group to go and climbed out on the tube. The thing the girls on the tube didn’t know as novices was that you need to lean back as the boat starts moving, so as they got speed, they naturally leaned down and then hit the water. OOPS! HG wasn’t happy but she didn’t freak out. I was very proud because I was a little panicked. She didn’t want to try again though, but she was really happy to snack, watch the other girls on the tube, and swim around when we took a break.

Later that night, the mamas all got the girls fed and in their pjs, and then we headed out for a wine cruise on the lake. Good times were had by all!

On Sunday morning, we packed up and headed across Highway 6 to Oxford for Delta Gamma initiation. I had planned on HG helping us get ready for the ceremony and then hanging out with some of the girls during the ceremony. But as soon as she saw the college girls who offered her crayons and sidewalk chalk, she was gone! See ya, Mama! Didn’t even look back. She had the biggest time with the girls and is already begging to go back. They taught her how to ‘throw our letters,’ and she’s been making the signs everywhere we go, much to her father’s worry (in metro areas where hand signs might not be the best idea). Love her loving my beloved Delta Gamma!

Ready to tube!2015-08-22 14.21.05 HDR2015-08-22 14.41.23-12015-08-22 15.40.262015-08-22 15.40.452015-08-22 16.12.012015-08-22 16.19.35The girls excitedly waving bye to their mamas leaving on the wine cruise.2015-08-22 18.49.252015-08-22 18.50.10-12015-08-22 19.36.212015-08-23 10.52.39 HDR2015-08-23 11.49.32She drew the DG house, complete with the anchor in the front yard (on the bottom right).2015-08-23 13.22.482015-08-23 13.23.59With Brittany2015-08-23 13.39.22With Abby, my amazing director of rituals2015-08-23 13.39.32Throwing her letters2015-08-23 13.40.47Proud of her artwork2015-08-23 14.14.37

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