Saturday, September 12, 2015

San Francisco 2015: Part One

For the Labor Day holiday weekend, we headed to San Francisco for some cooler weather adventures. We left after school on Thursday, flew through Minneapolis, and got to SF after midnight Central time. HG slept the entire second flight but woke up excited to be in California. We crashed that night and actually slept in on Friday morning.

HG requested donuts in bed, so off went her daddy to make her happy. Of course, he delivered with chocolate, sprinkle-covered donuts! After we oohed and aahed over the view from the Fairmont on the top of Nob Hill and finally got moving, we headed to Pier 39 to see the famous sea lions and get a good look at Alcatraz across the bay. For some reason, I couldn’t talk HG into getting on a boat to tour the bay, so we hopped a cab and headed to  the top of Lombard Street. HG had a big time walking down the stairs next to the street, and as my parents were texting us about the time we were there with a taxi driver with a parrot on his shoulder, John saw a flash of green fly in front of his face. He searched the tree above him and found green and red birds- parrots??- living up there. Very odd and exciting timing! We made our way to the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero and scored an outside table at the Market Bar to soak up the sunshine.

After some rest time at the hotel that afternoon, we hitched a ride on a cable car down to Fisherman’s Wharf (HG was disappointed that she couldn’t hang off the side but was able to have the back to herself with the back driver) and treated ourselves to some sweets at Ghirardelli’s ice cream and chocolate shop. After she played around the plaza for a bit, we made our way to the water and were pleased to find a little beach. HG threw her shoes off and frolicked until we pulled her out by force. Since we were so close, we walked into McCormick & Kuleto’s, which was delicious and had the best bay view at sunset. 
On our way!2015-09-03 15.59.17We have arrived at long last2015-09-03 23.03.18”This is the life!”2015-09-04 08.21.24Pretty amazing view of the bay2015-09-04 08.32.562015-09-04 08.37.32A white-knuckled cab ride2015-09-04 10.20.40Checking out the sea lions2015-09-04 10.40.262015-09-04 10.45.30-12015-09-04 10.54.37Lombard Street2015-09-04 13.24.502015-09-04 11.17.26 HDR-12015-09-04 11.19.43-12015-09-04 11.24.01Parrots!2015-09-04 13.31.50Thank goodness that Daddy was downhill to stop/ catch a running baby girl!2015-09-04 11.32.142015-09-04 11.32.34Ferry Building2015-09-04 11.57.22
2015-09-04 14.07.23Riding a cable car2015-09-04 16.27.08 HDR2015-09-04 16.34.41-1Chocolate break at Ghirardelli’s2015-09-04 16.41.152015-09-04 16.41.49 HDR2015-09-04 16.51.03(this pose was her idea)2015-09-04 16.51.262015-09-04 16.52.222015-09-04 17.26.482015-09-04 17.27.23HAD to put her toes in the water2015-09-04 17.31.12-12015-09-04 17.32.402015-09-04 17.35.572015-09-04 17.52.312015-09-04 18.01.252015-09-04 18.21.372015-09-04 19.30.402015-09-04 21.17.31View from dinner2015-09-04 18.44.39Up past bedtime (central time anyway)2015-09-04 19.19.34

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