Sunday, September 20, 2015

Germantown Festival 2015

The first ten days of September are always fun with all of our family birthdays, but we cap it off with the best part- Germantown Festival! This year, HG had riding Sunday morning at 11, so after she rode, we headed over to the festival. It was surprisingly nice and cool that morning (cold enough that Spiffer had to take HG shopping for sweaters the night before), and we got to the park as the festival opened so it was all ours for an hour or so. We headed straight to the Crepe Maker for a quick lunch, and then GD and HG went to the games while Spiffer and I shopped. It was a beautiful fall day!
2015-09-13 10.50.40 HDR-1

As we walked into the park, this beautiful blue butterfly landed on HG’s finger like she was a real live Disney princess. Incredible!2015-09-13 12.11.46-1HG tried these water ball things and thought they were hot but pretty cool.P1080250Then, she headed to the petting zoo, of course.P1080262P1080263P1080272And then…..they starting peeing on her!IMG_20150913_132724IMG_20150913_132730And for the first time, HG tried the bouncy swing thing. She liked it until she got too high. And then it was over.P1080288P1080291Wouldn’t be complete without a sno cone!2015-09-13 13.59.04

Saturday, September 12, 2015

San Francisco 2015: Part Two

On Saturday, we woke up and headed downstairs for a nice breakfast to fuel up for a fun, busy day. Then, we walked several blocks down a HUGE hill to walk through Chinatown. (As we walked down, down, down, HG said, “Thank goodness for gravity!”) We found 56 Ross Alley and checked out the Fortune Cookie Factory, which was quite the experience! Then, we hailed a cab and headed to Coit Tower for a great lookout over town. We waited what seemed like forever for our turn at the top, but it was really about 30 mins. Then, we busted a move to get to lunch at Waterbar. It is a beautiful restaurant, inside and out, with its location right at the base of the Bay Bridge. HG’s food came immediately and then she entertained herself with the lobster tank.

After roaming around the riverfront for a bit, we hopped a cab and went across town to Golden Gate Park. After getting bad directional advice from the cabbie and hiking what felt like miles, we finally found the playground we had come to see. HG had a big time swinging, climbing, and exploring. After a few hours, we dragged ourselves back to the hotel with the help of a great and educational Uber driver. When we made it back, HG wanted us to get in our pajamas and get in bed. I told her that if I got in my pjs, I wasn’t going to be able to get out of them. Her response was, “Let’s get room service!” So that’s what we did, and we had a fun, comfy, and delicious dinner with a beautiful sunset bay view. A great end to a great getaway!

Breakfast at the Fairmont2015-09-05 09.00.04Too stuffed of chocolate chip pancakes2015-09-05 11.34.332015-09-05 11.47.19Chinatown2015-09-05 10.00.462015-09-05 10.02.02Fortune Cookie Factory2015-09-05 10.22.07 HDR2015-09-05 12.32.392015-09-05 12.32.41Ross Alley2015-09-05 10.22.55Coit Tower2015-09-05 10.38.572015-09-05 10.41.042015-09-05 10.45.47 HDR2015-09-05 11.29.53-12015-09-05 11.30.172015-09-05 11.30.552015-09-05 11.31.042015-09-05 11.32.252015-09-05 11.33.19Lunch at the Waterbar2015-09-05 13.06.572015-09-05 13.52.292015-09-05 14.33.202015-09-05 13.54.42-12015-09-05 13.55.272015-09-05 14.01.10Exploring Golden Gate Park2015-09-05 15.02.442015-09-05 15.09.36 HDR2015-09-05 15.11.102015-09-05 15.22.212015-09-05 15.30.552015-09-05 15.32.402015-09-05 15.58.262015-09-05 17.31.092015-09-05 17.50.09Reading up on San Fran2015-09-05 17.12.08 HDRRoom service for the win!2015-09-05 18.15.17Sunrise over the bay2015-09-06 06.33.45Goodbye, San Fran!2015-09-06 07.04.38”Mama, take a picture of this hill!!”2015-09-06 07.08.552015-09-06 07.42.26Homework in the Sky Club2015-09-06 08.02.26Lovey is ready to come home, but HG left her heart in San Francisco. As we got on the plane, she asked when we could come back.2015-09-06 08.30.032015-09-06 16.33.22In the ATL airport…is she 15 or what???2015-09-06 16.41.36-1