Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tooth #6

We woke up on the morning of July 26th to HG in my face saying, “Notice anything different?!” Well, after I shook the cobwebs out, I realized she had lost the bottom tooth (just to her left of middle two) that had been loose for weeks. I asked her if she pulled it herself, and she said she just woke up and it was gone. What?! I was convinced she had swallowed it, but we headed upstairs to search and FOUND IT under her pillow. Unbelievable! She was worried that the tooth fairy had passed her over because it was still there with no money, but she wrote the tooth fairy a letter that night. The next morning, she found a response from the tooth fairy, who is named Lily Starshimmer by the way, and she said she had already passed by the neighborhood by the time her tooth slipped out. She was happy to find her fairy dust and $2, and most importantly, that the tooth fairy cam captured some pics of her and emailed them to Mama!

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