Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: July

HG and Granddaddy were driving on the interstate, and they passed a trailer pulled over on the side of the road. To their surprise, there was a camel inside! As she told Spiffer and me the story later, she said, “A camel on the side of the road?! Is it hump day?! No! It’s only Tuesday!”

She wants to wear her goggles in the shower. “I just want to look at the raindrops. Can’t a girl do that?!”

Spiffer was telling her to watch out for some scissors on the floor as she came through a room. She responded, “Never did, never will.”

John and HG were walking into Corky’s. She went ahead of him to open the door for him. He passed through, turned around, and she wasn’t behind him. He looked back to see her still holding the door for two older ladies. (We’ve been talking a lot about respecting your elders and holding doors for them. Good to see she’s listening!)

While we were shoe shopping, she told me she needed to go to the bathroom. I told her to go find it. She turned to the sales clerk and said, “Ma’am, where is your bathroom?”

At Grandma’s office, Peg, HG, and I were standing in the hall looking at the fire emergency map. I pointed to ‘exam room’ and was helping her sound it out. I said, “You know a-m. What is that?” (going for the word ‘am’) She responded, “Not night, morning!”

HG asked for a whole apple peeled. When I handed it to her, she said, “Oh apple, I’ve missed you so much!” (She finally doesn’t have any loose teeth to keep her from biting into an apple)

She and I were playing with a beach ball in the driveway. She told me, “Don’t let the wind get a horse of the ball!”

2015-06-30 22.44.192015-06-28 15.21.462015-06-28 16.18.02Trying on Mama’s hat2015-06-28 16.36.31A sweet treat with Spiffer2015-06-30 12.37.192015-06-30 18.34.142015-07-02 08.03.292015-07-02 15.28.342015-07-02 19.53.592015-07-02 19.54.082015-07-03 08.28.582015-07-05 22.59.192015-07-06 20.40.19Hard for Rainbow Brite to play hide or seek2015-07-07 18.37.37 HDR-1Making her first meatball from scratch (she ate half of one)2015-07-08 17.42.192015-07-08 17.44.452015-07-08 19.27.10Playing with the Baldersons at the park2015-07-11 11.23.312015-06-20 21.32.01Family dinner night with Addie2015-07-11 19.12.17And Bubba too!2015-07-11 19.16.24Heading into school for First Grade Camp- she was a *little* excited!2015-07-13 08.42.192015-07-13 08.43.33GD came to pick her up from camp one day and found this little cutie pie2015-07-14 22.21.06My little anchor girl2015-07-15 07.13.502015-07-15 13.43.352015-07-15 21.57.572015-07-16 19.06.01Friday night dinner date with Addie2015-07-17 18.34.322015-07-17 18.53.24Swimming with the Browns and Egners2015-07-18 10.52.17Tent time2015-07-18 17.22.51Family jam out to “Honey, I’m Good”2015-07-19 10.33.11Modeling her new tennis shoes that we’ve all commented on how they must glow in the dark that now she is convinced they really do…2015-07-19 12.03.49Dr. Doolittle caught a moth on her fingertip…twice!2015-07-19 13.24.36-1”Mama, take a pic of me and Mo!”2015-07-19 16.01.442015-07-20 17.09.182015-07-20 17.51.37BAD CAT2015-07-20 20.22.192015-07-21 19.32.34This is my heart walking outside of my body…2015-07-25 08.36.47Ready for the barn2015-07-26 09.17.042015-07-26 13.21.562015-07-26 09.54.152015-07-26 09.59.18Grandma and Peggy joined the typical Brown-Toohig pool weekend day!2015-07-26 15.20.352015-07-26 15.23.38-1Dinner with the Hasseltines2015-07-27 19.13.512015-07-28 18.46.19GD and Spiffer replaced the bulb in her cat night light, and she was so excited that she kissed it!2015-07-28 18.48.55BAD CAT AGAIN2015-07-28 21.53.31-1Jumping with Lawson on a mommy day2015-07-29 10.32.15Helping Mama find some shoes and wearing her glasses like Mama2015-07-29 13.23.282015-07-29 14.32.18 HDRWhat, is she 15?!2015-07-30 08.02.072015-07-30 20.04.18Dropping knowledge on me about how plants’ roots work and why I keep killing these bushes. She went on and on and on.2015-07-31 15.43.45-1They are so excited because Ann Maxwell just noticed that they had twin dimples.2015-07-31 17.09.30This is my kind of Friday night (on the last night of July).2015-07-31 19.59.30And this is how she woke up on the first day of August.2015-08-01 06.36.53

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