Monday, August 10, 2015

Last Mommy Day of Summer

Wednesday, August 5th, was my last day off before school starts this Wednesday. I felt this huge responsibility to really just blow it out with fun things since it’d be a while before we had a whole weekday to ourselves!

We started the day with a ‘healthy hair cut’ at Hairlines and then headed to our favorite nail salon, Vo’s. I got a pedi while she put her feet in the water, sat in the massage chair, and got her fingernails done. Since she can’t wear polish at school, it was our last act of rebellion before the return of Catholic school rules, and she picked two shades of colorful glitter!

Then, we swung by Whimsy Cookie for a strawberry gooey cookie and then on to Panera to meet the Bakers for a girls’ lunch.

After lunch, we headed to the Children’s Museum. It was really crowded, so we made a quick run through the inside exhibits and then she was ready for the sprinkler park. I found a nice spot in the shade next to a big fan, and it was actually pretty pleasant. After a bit though, a big storm rolled in, and we barely made it to the car before the raindrops started falling.

To end the day, she requested sushi for dinner, so despite the thunderstorm, we trooped out to Urban Fusion. We had a very nice dinner next to the fish tank and enjoyed some girl talk. HG asked me if she could ask the waitress to be her friend, so before we left, HG walked over to her and asked her. The waitress was such a good sport (thank you, Jesus!), and HG was so proud of herself, as was I. Big girl with a very kind heart!

“Getting ready” in Mama’s closet2015-08-05 08.10.37Safety first for Dream, her new Build a Bear that GD took her to last week2015-08-05 09.49.032015-08-05 11.15.32So proud of her nails2015-08-05 11.39.09-1Anything for a strawberry gooey2015-08-05 12.04.31Lunch with Camille2015-08-05 13.34.27Fun at the Children’s Museum2015-08-05 14.07.582015-08-05 14.24.112015-08-05 14.42.022015-08-05 14.55.022015-08-05 14.55.332015-08-05 14.55.362015-08-05 14.55.37

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