Friday, August 28, 2015

First Day of 1st Grade

Helen Grace was pretty excited about going back to school and being in first grade (other than the homework starting again). She was happy to see her girls again and felt like such a big girl being in the lower school and with a new uniform- and shoes!

On the first day, August 12th, we miraculously ended up getting ready a little early and had time to braid her hair as requested and take a few pics. I parked at the church and walked her into her classroom. As we walked, I asked if she were nervous. She said, “Only a little bit, but just because I don’t know what Mrs. Barksdale likes, like what she likes to eat.” Well, ok, child, we can figure that out!

As we hit the classroom door, she was attacked by the Tanseys and Bella Marie and had a huge smile plastered across her face. I stepped in to see her desk and watch her get settled, and then she gave me a big giggly hug and out I went! I was a little misty eyed as I walked down the hall watching all the big girls scurry around, thinking how quickly HG will be one of those, but when I saw Erin Avery and she asked me if I needed a hug, the tears flowed!

Luckily, it was a half day, so I was back soon to pick her up. She was very happy as I picked her up in the car pool line. She was so excited that they were going to a science room, an art room, a music room, and a Spanish room. We drove through Chick-fil-A and then took lunch to John’s office. She had a big time telling everyone about her first day. Then, we stopped by Grandma’s office on the way home, and she got to do it all again!

So proud of her for being brave and for loving her school!

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