Monday, August 10, 2015

Bass Pro Shop

One day this summer, Spiffer, Granddaddy, and HG set out to explore and conquer the new Bass Pro Shop in the Pyramid downtown. I’m proud to say that our pretty in pink princess hitched up her gown and jumped on all the all-terrain vehicles, tried out the (fake) guns at the shooting range, checked out all the gators and fish, and even made it to the balcony at the tip top to get a bird’s eye view of the Mississippi River!

Before they left though, it was ‘class picture day’ for Mrs. Toohig and her students…IMG_20150724_091019IMG_20150724_091251IMG_20150724_103236IMG_1758Love this one!IMG_1759Those are alligators behind her- eek!IMG_20150724_104135IMG_20150724_104403IMG_20150724_111022IMG_20150724_112105IMG_20150724_112326IMG_20150724_112404IMG_20150724_122918IMG_20150724_123120IMG_1760IMG_20150724_123955IMG_20150724_124232P1080191P1080194

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