Thursday, July 2, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: June

Sprinkler park fun with GD & Spiffer2015-06-05 13.03.15HG is definitely my child. She wanted to organize her rocks and coins into separate ziplocs.2015-06-04 21.16.28Mamas’ night out2015-06-05 21.24.45Love stumbling across this in the playroom…results of HG and Spiffer playing teacher2015-06-06 10.43.40We babysat Baby Claire one afternoon. HG chased her around for 45 minutes straight and was the ultimate babysitter…and then told me I could take over. Hmmph.2015-06-06 14.24.11We had all of HG’s grandparents and Nini over one night to show them Ireland pics.2015-06-06 20.59.06Back in the saddle!2015-06-07 13.24.042015-06-07 13.42.08An after-cheer-camp donut2015-06-08 15.40.00Dinner with Courtlyn2015-06-08 17.22.36When Daddy’s out of town…2015-06-09 20.22.18Crazy cat2015-06-10 09.08.02Shopping for lower school uniforms2015-06-10 16.50.37Look!! Her every minute companions for the next 12 years….2015-06-10 16.50.38-1This summer has brought lizards into our house (ewwww), and while I run away (or jump on the counter), HG runs TO them and grabs them by the tail. We are a good team.2015-06-11 16.27.38-1Soccer pics from the spring 2nd Pres season2015-06-11 16.45.312015-06-12 08.24.41
Cheer camp award ceremony at school2015-06-12 14.40.57
Corky’s family dinner with BubbaIMG_20150614_173908Blurry but she was literally skipping out of school after art camp2015-06-16 14.57.18We treated ourselves to a mani that afternoon.2015-06-16 16.14.532015-06-19 09.10.342015-06-19 09.20.39Last day of art camp- this portfolio was packed!2015-06-19 14.55.37We celebrated with a swim at the Coats.2015-06-19 16.52.342015-06-19 16.53.52-1Showing her daddy her handiwork2015-06-19 19.52.09I spy…2015-06-20 11.02.49Addie’s first movie, Inside Out2015-06-20 20.20.472015-06-20 20.21.292015-06-20 22.34.332015-06-20 21.32.01Pool time!2015-06-21 13.25.30

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