Sunday, July 12, 2015


On the first Wednesday in July, after swim class, HG and I headed to Oxford with Granddaddy and Spiffer. I needed to pick up some things at the Delta Gamma house, so we just made a day of it.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Square Books Jr. was having the neatest event on the Square. Twenty-eight shops participated in a Where’s Waldo challenge and hid a three-inch tall Waldo in their stores. Kids had to find each Waldo and get the store to sign off on their list of finds. HG had a BLAST and excitedly ran from store to store.

We ate lunch at Boure, and HG and GD enjoyed sharing a ice cream sandwich on the Square Books balcony. The courthouse was also unlocked this time, so they explored that too. Then we headed to Sorority Row, and HG soaked up every bit of the tour of all the rooms I lived in at the DG house.

She’s like a different child for swim lessons this year. She was happy and excited to get out of the car. She learned to dive, tread water, float, and do some more strokes.2015-07-01 09.56.36 HDRWhere’s Waldo, Oxford Square version2015-07-01 13.41.08Headed out to Square Books’ balcony2015-07-01 14.05.072015-07-01 14.06.452015-07-01 14.26.18 HDR2015-07-01 14.28.43Judge Helen Grace2015-07-01 14.43.132015-07-01 14.43.17Hello DG Room 12, my home senior year2015-07-01 14.57.08And laying on my bed from my junior year in Room 162015-07-01 14.58.21Finding Mama on the composite2015-07-01 15.01.32These stairs have years and years worth of memories, even dating back to Bubba’s years at the Delta Gamma house.2015-07-01 15.22.12-12015-07-01 15.29.02-12015-07-01 15.37.45In *my* chair in the Founders Room2015-07-01 15.44.58IMG_20150701_145257In the same spot over the years…combo frame2015-07-01 15.49.412015-07-01 15.50.12

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