Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Orange Beach with GD & Spiffer

While Mama was playing in Arizona, Granddaddy and Spiffer took off with HG to Orange Beach!! I worried myself sick that she’d get homesick while she was far from home and I was all the way across the country, but that girl didn’t even know I was gone. She had a BLAST. Silly mama. I’m surprised she agreed to come home. She’s definitely a beach babe!
Lulu’s2015-06-24 17.35.17P1070974P1070986Getting her toes in the ocean after dinner2015-06-24 20.11.372015-06-24 20.13.252015-06-25 09.33.16P1070988The Hangout
P1080014P1080017P1080018IMG_20150625_140109IMG_20150625_1432062015-06-25 12.31.16Dolphin tour2015-06-26 08.05.28P1080069
The dolphin tour ended with a water gun fight. HG had a blast and thoroughly soaked her poor grandparents. P1080080P10800792015-06-26 09.11.46P1080087Ron Jon’sP10800892015-06-25 13.59.162015-06-26 11.24.58Late night swim before bedtimeIMG_20150625_200905

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