Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: Early May

“Look, Mama, I’ve got puppy eyes…” {insert pitiful look with lip out}

I asked her what the best thing about her was, and she said, “That I’m brave and how much my mama loves me.”

She got her first splinter recently at a park in Hernando while we were playing with the Mattice girls. It was a large splinter but would have been easy to remove, although she absolutely lost her mind and freaked out. That experience might rival tooth pulling. Of course, it was her daddy that finally took care of it!

The ducks have come back north and are looking for food 24/7.2015-04-29 16.57.58Vaco girls’ night out at Alchemy2015-05-02 20.55.48While Mama was out on the town, HG was at Three Guys pizza with her grandparents, and she FINALLY won one of those toys out of the claw games- and all by herself. She was ecstatic!2015-05-12 20.44.272015-05-04 22.25.27Celebrating nine years since the establishment of our little family with a selfie by the best addition yet (over sushi)2015-05-06 18.42.43-12015-05-07 18.19.30HG made this little mouse, and it’s just the cutest thing- she even completed his back.2015-05-07 19.19.08Excited for field day!2015-05-08 06.47.19-12015-05-08 06.47.28This cat ONLY does this for her.2015-05-09 08.30.592015-05-09 11.31.48Weekend morning fun with Addie2015-05-09 11.46.462015-05-09 11.51.412015-05-09 16.19.10Date night for Grizzlies’ playoff game against the Golden Coast (we won!)2015-05-09 18.36.58-1SK girls visit the first grade classroom2015-05-11 09.44.262015-05-11 10.17.36HG’s artwork is on display in the ECC foyer for Mrs. Mungle’s class2015-05-11 14.41.12Dance recital practice2015-05-11 17.29.42She brought home her Kindergarten artwork binder, so she was telling Daddy all about each page.2015-05-11 19.44.05And another daddy-daughter moment before bedtime…2015-05-11 20.12.26Before ‘Jesus statue’ picture day at school2015-05-12 07.13.16HG has been dying to make her family tree, so she took it upon herself at school to create this masterpiece.2015-05-12 14.51.232015-05-12 14.51.29At the park with Spiffer and Granddaddy. She’s gotten this high just by pumping on her own. Big girl!IMG_20150509_184308438IMG_20150509_190558213

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