Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 2nd: Soccer and Zoo

This spring, our Saturdays have a pretty regular formula to them. We start the morning off bright and early with a soccer game, and then we wind down and enjoy the day with a romp around the zoo. May 2nd was a pretty wonderfully typical day.

P1060623P1060632P1060650P10606572015-05-02 10.41.352015-05-02 11.33.302015-05-02 11.33.522015-05-02 11.54.232015-05-02 11.55.582015-05-02 11.59.032015-05-02 11.59.572015-05-02 12.17.36We checked out the new Take Flight bird show, and this little one squealed the whole time, told me all about each bird, and enjoyed every last drop of her Dippin Dots.2015-05-02 12.54.23

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