Friday, May 22, 2015

6th Birthday Party: A ‘Super Sweet’ Celebration

This year, we celebrated the May birthdays in HG’s class (HG, Bella Marie, and Olivia) with a super sweet celebration at a candy store in Midtown called Sweet Noshings. Miss Balloony was there to do face painting- always a big hit- and then we walked down to Memphis Pizza Café for lunch. The weather was overcast and somewhat cool, although humid, so it was perfect for the girls to run inside/outside from candy to face painting and to eat outside at MPC.

We have such a great group of girls and families in HG’s class. Looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with this crew!

I decided to get crafty this year, and Melissa helped me make these invitations. IMG_00792015-05-17 11.18.23CF6C8922CF6C8926CF6C8988Miss Baloony was oohing and aahing over HG’s complexion and was saying, “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” HG knew she was getting a compliment but was like, “Mama, what does that mean??”CF6C8995CF6C8999CF6C9002CF6C9008CF6C9025CF6C9030CF6C9046P1060741P1060768 (1)P1060777P1060778CF6C9055CF6C9063CF6C9065CF6C9072CF6C9077

CF6C90872015-05-17 12.30.56 HDR2015-05-17 12.31.20 HDRCF6C90902015-05-17 12.28.19 HDR

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Aww!! Your daughter is so adorable. She looks so cute in this pink dress, and her expressions are also amazing. Well my family has decided to book SF event venues for my daughter’s first birthday party. Is this place good for birthday party?