Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine’s School Party

On Wednesday, we celebrated Valentine’s Day at HG’s SAA party. The kids made a piece of fingerprint artwork, decorated their Valentine bag for Friday’s exchange, and made a snack bag of pink and red sweets. At HG’s request, we grabbed a quick lunch at Chick-fil-A and then headed to Central Park to play with Lawson and enjoy the spring-like weather. Of course, we had to share a cupcake afterward!

2015-02-11 07.01.55-2“Love is making people laugh. Love is baking a cake with Mommy.”2015-02-11 11.27.35-1Bella Maria2015-02-11 11.40.28Look who is a Star Writer this week!2015-02-11 12.15.052015-02-11 12.14.55Lilah, Ellis, and HG2015-02-11 12.26.16Playing at the park with Lawson on a beautiful afternoon2015-02-11 14.56.57And then cupcakes, of course!2015-02-11 15.20.31She had such a good day that her teachers told me she was “on fire!” She did her work so quickly AND it was all correct. She was so pleased with herself too.2015-02-12 16.58.36She even earned a certificate because of her hard work. (These are new rewards her teacher has implemented this second semester.) She has earned one with the whole class, one with Aubrey for working hard, and now this one. It’s amazing how a little slip of paper with a simple privilege will go such a long way with a five year old. Where was this during potty training?!2015-02-12 16.58.15

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