Thursday, February 12, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: January

I jokingly asked her to pack my suitcase. She sassed back at me, “Not happening, girl.”

In the Orlando airport, she told me no one stole her because she made her ‘mad face,’ like she was going to hiss.

“I like enjoying you.” (to Mama)

She told me that her journal was ‘what do you love about your mama?’ Her response was, “She spends time with me.”

I was mocking HG whining, and she told me, “That is not appropriate.”

“I don’t like you and Daddy bossing me around all the time. It’s boring.”

Measuring with Peggy…HG is dying for the day that she’s taller than Peg!IMG_20150119_180005647HG had lunch with her third cousin, Ella, while I was in Oxford last weekend. Ella just turned seven in January. They had a BLAST together!P1060239-MOTIONP1060245This was their last play date- October 2011.CIMG9468photoSchool days: HG and Olivia2015-01-13 12.53.272015-01-13 13.32.472015-01-20 18.42.562015-01-21 16.33.43So a respiratory virus has struck again….boooo! Since the wheezing and chest pain hit on Sunday afternoon, we had to go to a minor med. (You know she doesn’t feel good when she agrees to leaving the house in her pajama pants instead of a dress.) HG’s oxy sat levels were around 92 after several breathing treatments, so they made us ride in an ambulance to LeBonheur. I wasn’t terribly happy about not being able to drive ourselves, but once we got there and saw the waiting room that was busting at the seams, we were pleased with our dramatic entrance to the ER. We saw a doctor pretty quickly, got steroids and breathing treatments, and had a chest x-ray. Given the chance to head home or get admitted for the night, we chose to sleep in our own bed. It turned out to be a good decision, and with a day of rest on Monday, she was as good as new.2015-01-25 16.46.382015-01-25 17.33.262015-01-25 19.39.582015-01-25 19.58.30This ‘I’m ready to go’ pose was eerily similar to one we saw on her first LeB stay in 2012…2015-01-25 20.30.07Sept 2012photo 8{Back to 2015} At a follow up appointment at her doctor on Monday. We are now on allergy meds and a daily controller inhaler throughout the fall and spring to try to keep her airway healthy and these respiratory viruses at 1She was insistent on turning a huge cardboard box into a house for the kitties. This was her plan to add ‘walls,’ blankets, kitties, and then toys.2015-01-28 16.45.52A sweet card of our family2015-01-28 16.49.092015-01-28 16.49.17This drawing of her on the left of her ‘throwing a fit’ is me brushing her hair.2015-02-03 14.54.23Happy girl2015-01-30 17.31.52Since both of her top teeth and one of her bottom teeth are loose, I’m trying to get as many pics of possible with her open mouthed. It won’t be long before she’s a snagglepuss.2015-02-02 19.24.112015-01-31 08.35.01At Mary Kate and Elise’s birthday party at Whimsy Cookie2015-01-31 15.34.442015-01-31 15.53.19-1

Showing Spiffer how to get to Netflix

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