Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Engage the World

The first weekend of January, while we were trying to come out of our holiday hangover, my company headed to Nashville for our national training event, Engage the World. It’s always fun to have some quality time with my coworkers, but by the end of it, my heart’s pulling me back home. This year, we left on Thursday and came home on Saturday. Friday night, HG was a pitiful mess and woke up every few hours looking for me, even though she was in mama’s bed with her daddy. She about knocked me over when I came in the door on Saturday and attached herself to me from then on. It always makes a mama’s heart happy to know she’s missed, right?

Here are some pics from our trip…

I am lucky to call these ladies dear friends, not just coworkers.2015-01-08 18.44.462015-01-09 18.43.37Meanwhile, back on the farm…2015-01-09 06.54.532015-01-09 22.07.27Friday night’s party was an 80’s theme. So much fun!2015-01-09 21.21.222015-01-09 21.28.23VACO0248

As I left the party on Friday night and headed back to the hotel, John texted me this video. Talk about pitiful! I called and talked to them for a few minutes since the crazy girl was awake. Agh!

And this is how we spent Saturday afternoon…nap

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