Sunday, January 11, 2015

Toohig Tidbits

While watching Peter Pan, she said, “I’d have all girl pirates on my crew because girls listen better than boys.”

At Spiffer and GD’s, she picked up a nuts & bolts pretzel from off the floor and said, “Never waste a good snack, I say.”

“Blood and guts. Boys are always talking about those things.”

She was trying to tell me something, but I couldn’t understand. I asked her to tell me again. “Mommy, you don’t like to have to say something twice.”

The girl is a big time hoarder. I’ll throw out her old school work or scraps of paper that come home in her bag, and she will GO THROUGH THE TRASH. She’s belligerent when she finds her things in there. "Who threw out my religion work?!?! God talks to you through those!"

Some pics from our last few weeks and lots of fun over the holiday school break…

Helen Grace’s official Nutcracker picture as a mousescan20150101001 Helen Grace Dance Recital MouseClimbing at the Children’s Museum with Annabella2014-12-07 11.07.09Happy birthday to CB, Grandma, and Peggy!2014-12-07 18.15.47Day after Christmas- why not make a fort in the middle of the kitchen and drag out the New Year’s accessories??2014-12-26 09.00.41-1Addie’s first Chick-fil-A experience2014-12-26 13.17.36HG was mad at me about something, but she and Blue looked so cute and cuddly.2014-12-26 14.10.47The Jackson crew came up to see us for lunch after Christmas- Lost Pizza and Cowboy Corner fun (while Worth shopped for boots)!IMG_20141227_131952305IMG_20141227_1320117472014-12-27 14.21.51Happy 2nd birthday to Addie!2014-12-26 20.10.032014-12-26 20.11.052014-12-27 18.32.082014-12-27 18.56.24Being a cat is TOUGH.2014-12-28 21.45.12Best gift ever (restaurant/ waitress set)- she put me in the bed, covered me up, turned on the tv, and brought me treats. 2014-12-29 14.54.48-1And then she decided that was too hard, so she joined me.2014-12-29 15.05.20Dinner with the Egners and Mullins at Corky’s2014-12-29 18.58.34HG, Gabby, Isaiah, Thomas2015-01-02 12.45.44Chick-fil-A with Lawson (and Rowan too)2014-12-30 13.04.18“Annie” with Ann Maxwell and Emmaline2015-01-01 15.37.44Lunch with Callum, Finley, and Emmett2015-01-02 11.31.562015-01-02 11.32.032015-01-02 11.32.29Just a normal night around our house2014-12-30 18.01.40-1Back in the saddle after a holiday break

2015-01-02 15.36.31Lunch with Rachel and Courtlyn2015-01-03 11.57.292015-01-03 14.40.062015-01-06 05.57.20

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