Monday, January 5, 2015


We hosted a get together for our extended family on New Year’s Eve- our parents, Bubba, the Browns and Lil, the Egners (Billy and Isaiah), and the Brickells. The Mattice girls came over as well for a bit, and kids and grown ups alike had fun with sparklers and pop pops in the driveway. HG was not scared of the sparklers this year and had a good time with wonder in her eyes. She used every one that we had!

HG was in her prime with all ‘her people,’ and she had high hopes of performing one of her own dramas for the crowd- a story of a dinosaur who was scared of everything. She went through much effort to make the tickets, hand them out to everyone, ask me to mark them with smiley faces for admittance, collect the tickets, guide everyone to the stage, and then she realized she needed to come up with the details of the show! She had the help of Isaiah and Addie and then asked me to play some parts as well. We laughed until our tummies hurt and clapped until our hands hurt. So fun to watch her creative wheels turn!

2014 was so wonderful and stuffed full of happy memories with family and friends. We hope that 2015 will be as well!

HG picked out a SAA sweatshirt for all of us for Christmas2014-12-31 16.54.142014-12-31 19.05.502014-12-31 19.27.552014-12-30 19.33.42-12014-12-30 19.35.28-12014-12-31 18.53.13CF6C6428CF6C6431CF6C6440CF6C6450CF6C6471Ready for the big show!CF6C6477Addie’s got the best seat in the house.CF6C6480CF6C6481CF6C6484She was a little shy to take her bow afterward.IMG_20141231_194626483IMG_20141231_194642635Rebel and Mocha approved of the set.IMG_20141231_201535997


The party wound down around 10:00, and HG settled down in my lap for a nap on the couch, with the promise we’d wake her up at ‘midnight’ (which meant 11:00 CST/ 12:00 EST). A few minutes before midnight, we tried to wake her up, and she was like a feral cat. We decided we wanted to keep our hands, so we took her up to bed. When she realized she was in bed, she threw a fit that we didn’t let her see the countdown. AHHHH!!!! You just can’t win with a sleepy baby girl!

2014-12-31 23.03.25-1

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