Saturday, December 13, 2014

Toohig Tidbits: December

Sometimes John doesn’t say ‘bye’ when he hangs up the phone. After one of those times, I said to HG, “Your daddy drives me crazy!” She responded, “Well, boys ARE crazy.” Like, duh, Mama.

“When you are doing something helpful for someone else, you are getting your heart ready for God to come at Christmas.”

While I was making her lay down for a nap, she told me, “I have to move so I can be good and healthy.”

“I am so glad you picked my school for me.”

Our elf, Perry (his name changes daily), arrived December 1st. She carried his note around for days.2014-12-01 07.07.44Blue likes this perch to watch me get ready in the morning.2014-12-08 05.18.162014-12-08 08.01.57I found this on the easel in her playroom.2014-12-08 19.12.58Angels would guide Santa’s sleigh.2014-12-10 14.06.49I got brave this year and put out the fake snow that goes with the Snow Village. While it infuriates me when Blue plays with it, it melts my heart to see Helen Grace playing with the little people and having such a good time with her imagination.2014-11-29 17.55.552014-11-29 17.56.462014-11-29 17.58.10Decorating the Christmas tree2014-12-06 16.13.062014-12-06 16.13.112014-12-06 16.15.242014-12-06 16.19.382014-12-06 16.27.44She sat down one morning before school and cranked out this nativity scene drawing. She gave it to her music teacher, Mrs. Marques, but she did let me take some pics before we left.2014-12-11 07.53.152014-12-11 07.53.512014-12-11 07.54.14She literally jumps out of bed every day to go find her elf. She was interested in him last year, but this is a whole new level.2014-12-08 22.04.29She also loves putting an ornament on the Advent tree calendar each day of the month. Last year, she put all the ornaments on at one time, but now she does it one day at a time and looks forward to seeing what is in each pocket.2014-12-11 07.10.00I found this drawing in her backpack, and she got really mad when I asked her about it. It’s apparently my Christmas card which was supposed to be a surprise, so let’s act like we never saw it, ok? Isn’t it amazing?!2014-12-11 21.49.39The cough has taken her down this weekend. Super puny and staying in bed all day. Pitiful.2014-12-13 13.25.31-12014-12-13 13.39.022014-12-13 17.26.15

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