Saturday, December 27, 2014

Toohig Tidbits: December Part 2

As she was rubbing Mocha and looking for his licky bone, she said, “Be ready to be amazed!”

“Victory is mine!,” when she found her way out of the tunnel at the Children’s Museum.

When I asked her who she liked playing with the most at a party, she responded, “My dada.”

One weekday morning, I thought I had an early morning coffee meeting and rushed HG out the door. Only when we got in the car did I get a text to tell me that the meeting was cancelled. I apologized to HG for rushing her, and she said like an angel, “It’s ok, Mommy. I like to run fast.”

HG asked to take this pic of Granddaddy one afternoon at the bookstore after school…IMG_20141203_141408540…and then she ran by his office with him.IMG_20141203_153357436John’s work Christmas party at the zooray jay christmas party2014-12-14 12.08.18She rallied from her non-flu/strep, two-day virus to decorate her gingerbread house.2014-12-14 19.06.42The joy of a ladybug landing on you!2014-12-16 16.15.232014-12-16 16.15.39How she’d get Santa out of the chimney if he were stuck…2014-12-17 08.02.31John’s office had a ‘pick up’ party where all the kids came to the office to pick up their daddies and have some Christmas treats. This was the best we could do as far as capturing a picture!2014-12-17 16.40.08Closing trades for daddy2014-12-17 17.21.34An elf/ intern even made an appearance! HG said, “I know it’s you, Ms. Melissa…” Couldn’t pull one over on her.2014-12-17 17.21.37My pledge sister, Julie, and I were both pregnant at the same time in 2009, but she was due several weeks after me; however, we both had our babies early on May 25th- Knox was born early in the day while they were on vacation in Florida, and HG was born quickly that night in Memphis. Knox and Helen Grace finally met last weekend when we met for lunch in New Albany. Knox’s little brother, Lucas, came along too. A fun, long waited reunion!2014-12-20 12.48.24A drawing for Mrs. Gossett, including her semi circle table.2014-12-21 08.37.09HG is not happy we won’t let her have a real bunny, so here she is treating her stuffed bunny as a real pet in my laundry basket. She’s reading him a story.2014-12-21 09.21.53She drew a drawing of the fish tank (complete with the brick on top of it and bridge inside) for the fishies and taped it to the back. She wanted to pose for a pic with Peg’s new camera.2014-12-22 16.13.592014-12-22 16.16.37Feeding the ducks in the front yard2014-12-22 16.44.44This Monday night, a group of kids and parents were planning on going caroling in the neighborhood. Since it was misting on and off rain, I didn’t expect them to still be going. We just so happened to open our front door to grab a package and see the group singing at the house next door, and that was the end of it. HG was barreling out the door to go join them. We made it halfway down the street and to two houses before the rain started. One more house further down the street, and the bottom fell out of the sky. HG and I walked (actually I grumpily stomped because I was wearing my nice leather boots) all the way home in the rain, although she really wanted to continue caroling. By the time we got a few houses away from home, we decided to run for it and actually had a fun time after we got over ourselves. We were so wet that we put the garage door down and literally stripped off all our clothes in the garage. What a mess! But she loved caroling and is already talking about doing it next year.2014-12-22 19.29.072014-12-22 19.42.52On Tuesday, we had lunch with the Coats girls. AMC gave HG a BFF necklace and Hello Kitty umbrella. Both were big hits!2014-12-23 13.36.052014-12-23 13.40.35-1And then we went over to Spiffer and Granddaddy’s to help start some holiday baking. HG loved helping with the peanut butter cookies the best!2014-12-23 16.30.35-1

She’s loved singing “We Three Kings” this holiday season.

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