Sunday, December 28, 2014

SAA Christmas Program

Helen Grace and her classmates have been practicing almost the entire semester for their Christmas program, and her music teacher, Mrs. Marques, works tirelessly to make it perfect. The SK children perform the Christmas story first, and then the PK and JK classes join in to sing some Christmas carols. The SK kids are the big stars of the show, and HG has been really excited to finally play a part. To top it all off, she was assigned an angel’s role and was super happy because they don’t have a speaking part and they have pretty costumes. The excitement level was through the roof for weeks, and we heard her part’s moment of stardom, the ‘Gloria’ chorus, NON STOP.

The show went off without a hitch, and all of the families were so proud of our kiddos. Let the Christmas holidays begin!

All of the angels: (back row) Aubrey, Mary Caroline, HG, Annabella, Ellis, (front row) Sara, Rachel, Bella Marie, Elise cms_file_34750677_medcms_file_34750697_medcms_file_34750705_medcms_file_34750759_medCF6C6075CF6C6088“Glooooooooorrrrrrria”CF6C6105CF6C6123“Happy birthday to YOU” (to baby Jesus)CF6C6127cms_file_34750779_medcms_file_34750781_medCF6C6128CF6C6136CF6C6153cms_file_34750809_med

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