Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SAA Christmas Party

We had a great time at HG’s class Christmas party last week. Sadly, I believe our days of smocked dresses have come to an end because she’s put her foot down on her fashion choices, but I was able to squeeze in one more applique dress in this year! She wore this holiday ‘dress’ last year, but this year it fits more like a ‘tunic’- ha!

At her party, we made Grinch snacks, snowman treats, and an elf ornament. (And I ruined my manicure for the sake of the cute HG elf, but it was worth every dollar. Smile)

Afterward, I had planned on checking her out, but the girl cried (literally) and begged for me to leave and come back for her at normal time. I was floored but shouldn’t have been. She loves to stay ‘after hours’ at school so she can play with her friends. So I moped out of there and piddled around town for a while until she was ready to go.

On the way home, we stopped by Grandma’s office to show her some love since we had missed her birthday the day before. We had a fun party day all around!

Party ready2014-12-10 13.56.37When the parents came to the classroom, the kids were outside. I saw HG plaster herself on the window to see if she could see us.2014-12-10 11.41.00Sweet Bella Marie2014-12-10 12.32.13She wanted a pic with the class elf.2014-12-10 12.50.38Happy birthday, Grandma! We love you!2014-12-10 14.52.56

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