Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve

We started Christmas Eve with lunch on the square in Holly Springs with Spiffer and Granddaddy. On the way home, we stopped by Bubba’s house to visit with her. After a quick nap, we headed back to Bubba’s church for their candlelight service and then to Grandma’s for our fireside gift exchange tradition.

Perry went out with a bang on top of the Christmas tree! HG was so impressed and tickled when she saw him up there.CF6C61542014-12-24 12.50.222014-12-24 13.24.142014-12-24 13.35.28Candlelight service2014-12-24 18.12.04IMG_20141224_175026545 HG had a big time with all the little girls in Byhalia.P1060223P1060228P1060230 At Grandma’s2014-12-24 19.29.15CF6C6163CF6C6172CF6C6184This barking doggy bank from Aunt Edie and Uncle Gene startled all of us!CF6C6187 She LOVED this robe!CF6C6189CF6C6207CF6C6193CF6C6215CF6C6218 Getting her Cabbage Patch dollCF6C6221CF6C6224 Meeting Justin, her daddy’s CP dollCF6C6226CF6C6230CF6C6232 We framed a page of HG’s journal for Grandma.CF6C6234 “Buster kisses”CF6C6237CF6C6247CF6C6250CF6C6252CF6C6266CF6C6279 Putting out the reindeer foodCF6C6282 And cookies for Santa- she thought he might be bored with just cookies, so she gave him Goldfish, banana bread, some Chips Ahoy, and ‘sweet milk’ (boiled custard).CF6C6285CF6C6292 ASLEEP AT LAST2014-12-24 22.01.48

Singing on the way to Holly Springs

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