Thursday, November 13, 2014

Toohig Tidbits: November

“Your real friends will love you even when you don’t want to go the extra mile.”

“I think Jesus’ world is made out of candy. Snow is sugar!”

When she told me one of Daddy’s secrets, she squealed with glee, “I threw Daddy on the bus!!!”

When HG and I were climbing the waterfall in Arkansas, I asked her, “Baby, do you think we can do this?” She responded, “You just have to believe in yourself, Mama.”

Blue makes himself at home in my closet.2014-11-01 12.14.37 HG’s to-do list for Grandma’s slumber party2014-11-01 18.39.36Riding on November 2nd2014-11-02 11.43.52

A rare moment of brotherly tolerance2014-11-02 19.12.13-12014-11-03 21.16.342014-11-05 14.40.43Making cards for kids at LeBonheur- a new passion for her2014-11-05 15.10.45HG’s thankfulness turkey2014-11-05 15.41.28-12014-11-05 18.49.492014-11-05 21.05.202014-11-06 14.54.36Riding on November 9th- Ms. Jody hung up the artwork HG made her.2014-11-09 17.37.592014-11-09 21.59.34P1060070

Nutcracker costume pics are in- AHHH!2014-11-10 16.50.48

HG has been spontaneously debuting new songs for the Christmas program. This one is “Flicker.

Lunch at school with my girl2014-11-12 13.20.34-12014-11-12 13.20.532014-11-12 16.46.47Night before school pics. She wanted me to ‘hair dry’ her hair while she acted like mama at the hair place- flipping through her People magazine.2014-11-12 19.03.47School pic day2014-11-13 08.05.15Fall perfection2014-11-13 08.07.43Darby opening her early birthday present from us- she’s turning ONE already!2014-11-13 15.33.302014-11-13 15.46.23

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