Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014: Pirate Fairy

Helen Grace was out of school on Halloween (Friday), so she spent the day in her pjs with Spiffer and Granddaddy, baking some spooky treats that she found in one of her Halloween books. Spiffer was quite the trooper to make these eyeball cookies and worm juice come to life! HG was really involved in the preparation too, and she was quite proud of the finished products.

Around dinnertime, everyone started arriving- Brandy and her crowd, Grandma and Peggy, and the Browns. At dusk, Helen Grace assumed her favorite role of handing out candy, and Addie/ Winnie the Pooh even helped out (with Grandma keeping her hands warm). After 30 minutes or so, HG decided she wanted to strike out trick or treating with the Mattice girls to get some candy of her own. We ran into Sallie Key and Maren too, so the night was complete. Our trick or treaters soon turned into blocks of ice though, so they turned in their trick or treat bags, stripped off their layers of clothes (it was FREEZING that night), and headed to the playroom. Addie followed their every move and was so pleased to be one of the big girls!

P1060017P1060018P1060039P1060050CF6C5701CF6C5703CF6C5707“Flying” like the Pirate Fairy (from the new Tinker Bell movie)CF6C5710CF6C5715CF6C5717See the ‘spooky’ face in the window behind her?!CF6C5721CF6C5722Adding the worms to the lemonadeCF6C5728”Take a picture that looks like I’m flying, Mama!”CF6C5733CF6C5745CF6C5749CF6C5753CF6C5762CF6C5765CF6C57702014-10-31 18.39.33IMG_0112IMG_0116IMG_0118IMG_0120IMG_0121

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