Saturday, November 1, 2014

Boo Fest

Thursday the 30th was Boo Fest at SAA-SDS. This year, they added a musical performance before the festival, and it was SO CUTE! SK went first, and then JK and PK followed. It was amazing to see how much bigger and coordinated the big kids seemed- they’ve grown so much in the last few years! HG tried to trick me by telling me they’d changed plans and weren’t singing Autumnal Equinox (that I’ve heard her practicing for weeks), and she was so pleased with herself afterward when I was surprised that it was still in the line up. Little trickster!

After the performance, SK had the special treat of decorating pumpkins outside (with stickers) which was wild and fabulous. Then we headed back inside to the gym for the festival. HG is such the observer and preferred to stand in the center of the room and watch the chaos unfold around her. She eventually decided to get her face painted, and then it was time for Magic Mr. Nick’s magic show. At that point, I snuck out to go back to work, but she had a ball with Granddaddy and Spiffer.

The excitement continued afterward when she and Spiffer found Lilah and Ellis at Chick-fil-A for lunch. The fun never ends!

 CF6C5554 CF6C5557 P1050963 P1050966 P1050968 CF6C5585 Look at that dainty little pinky in the air!CF6C5599 CF6C5604 CF6C5611 CF6C5617 CF6C5626 CF6C5636 CF6C5658 CF6C5659 CF6C5661 CF6C5663 P1050989 P1050995 CF6C5684 CF6C5689 CF6C5695P1060009

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