Sunday, October 26, 2014


So after we got home from Boston, the wiggly tooth just keep on wiggling it’s way out. Eating became an issue, even when she chewed on the side, and teachers and classmates (and even their parents) alike offered to help pull it. She laughed but wouldn’t let them close.

I am terribly grossed out by loose teeth/pulling teeth/ blood gushing, so she thought she was really funny by getting in my face and pushing her tooth out at me. She would just cackle!

So isn’t it ironic that I was the only person she’d let in her mouth?! On Tuesday night (October 14), she finally got tired of not being able to eat. We tried to pull it with apple slices and she even let me try to pull it, but I couldn’t get my fingers on it with the permanent tooth coming in behind it.

As she ate spaghetti o’s for dinner on Wednesday night (October 15), it started bleeding, which really freaked her out. After a bit more maneuvering and a LOT more tears- “I’m scared to be without my tooth! What if people laugh at me?!”- Mama finally got it out with a napkin. With her red splotchy face, she dried up her tears and was finally so proud of herself, asking me to send everyone we knew a picture of her new ‘snaggle puss’ smile. She loved that term and kept calling herself that.

You should have seen her when her daddy got home. She heard the garage door go up and RACED out there to show him. So cute.

She chose to put her tooth in a little monkey case on a string that Dr. Coleman gave her this summer when he initially felt it getting loose. She asked me to ask the Tooth Fairy to let her keep her tooth because she didn’t want to be without it forever. The Tooth Fairy honored her request and left the tooth and $5 to use on her NYC trip the next day.

What a wild adventure! How many more teeth pullings do we have to endure?!?!?

Her last picture with all of her baby teeth, right before we got the tooth out/ it fell out. Tears were pouring down her face.2014-10-15 18.27.17 2014-10-15 18.37.29 2014-10-15 18.39.54 2014-10-15 19.16.25 She can’t stop smiling.2014-10-15 19.18.15 Showing off her monkey2014-10-15 19.30.29 Waiting on the Tooth Fairy2014-10-15 19.31.02 2014-10-15 20.32.09

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