Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Toohig Tidbits: End of September

On the way to the stables, I asked her which horse she thought she’d ride that day. She responded, “Mama, you have to wait and see. That’s the fun of life!”

We had a delivery one afternoon, and she helped me herd the cats into our bedroom so they wouldn’t escape out the front door. She came out of the bedroom, so proud of herself for making sure they didn’t escape by *locking* them in the bedroom. We made it almost five and a half years without her locking any doors! Luckily, Spiffer just happened to stop by right at this time, and she was the only one of us that could get the lock opened to save the kitties!

Yelled from the bathroom- “My tummy was so big because I had so much gasoline!”

“Mommy, you aren’t going to grow anymore because all you drink is wine and Coke!”

This makes me so happy. She’s not embarrassed of us- yet.2014-09-24 15.03.39-2 Doesn’t everyone stand in their window sill, holding their kitten? HG was putting her Halloween stickers on the window, and Blue was “helping.”2014-09-26 17.51.28 Showing her SAA spirit2014-09-25 07.04.32 Painting the clouds in the sky2014-09-25 07.06.13 Very proud of this grasshopper she rescued off my car and put back in the grass2014-09-26 14.48.29

“Mama, take a video of this!”

I found this worksheet in HG’s folder, and when I asked her what the exercise had been (color the designated sight words), she decided to just read the entire thing. Quickly. And almost perfectly. I about died.

2014-09-26 14.54.11Friday night tailgating cookout at the Words with ALL the neighborhood girls2014-09-26 20.38.42Saturday morning soccer game- she got a shot at playing goalie, and she was on FIRE. She was diving for the ball, catching it with her hands, even sitting on it once to stop the goal!2014-09-27 11.38.152014-09-27 11.41.41 2014-09-27 11.41.58 2014-09-27 11.50.382014-09-27 16.20.172014-09-27 16.59.07Byhalia sunset2014-09-27 18.24.40 2014-09-27 20.45.15 2014-09-28 09.30.32 Ice cream play date with Lawson2014-10-02 16.00.14 2014-10-02 17.16.41 2014-10-02 17.16.50 This kitten acts ridiculous for her.2014-10-02 17.52.17

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