Sunday, October 26, 2014

NYC Girls’ Trip

After Toothgate 2014, Helen Grace and I headed to NYC for a girls’ weekend with Ginna and Sallie Key. We squeezed in a LOT of fun things in a short trip, and we enjoyed seeing some of our old faithful things and finding new adventures. The weather couldn’t have been better either- sunny, cool, breezy, and perfect in the 60’s. And the trees were beautiful as the leaves are starting to change. Fall in NYC is a great time to visit!

Thursday:  Waiting for our 6 a.m. flight- the girls were excited, but the mamas were TIRED.2014-10-16 05.23.52 Entertaining themselves in DC for our layover2014-10-16 11.08.22 Last flight before NYC2014-10-16 12.06.46 Leaving the airport and heading for the city2014-10-16 13.39.21 We are here!!!2014-10-16 13.48.39 We headed straight to ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza. They just opened within the last week. Very odd to be ice skating outside when it’s almost 70 degrees!2014-10-16 15.00.28 2014-10-16 15.04.45 2014-10-16 15.05.08 2014-10-16 15.07.27 2014-10-16 15.30.57 Checked into the Waldorf Astoria2014-10-16 15.58.37 2014-10-16 16.23.49 Dinner at Serendipity2014-10-16 17.52.36 serendipity Wearing out quickly2014-10-16 17.57.34 Dessert at Dylan’s Candy Bar2014-10-16 18.23.19 Who knew that the candy store has a bar and cafe upstairs?! Amazing!2014-10-16 18.26.37 2014-10-16 18.27.58 The mamas were extra happy.2014-10-16 18.39.34 But the girls were getting delirious.2014-10-16 18.52.16 2014-10-16 19.04.03-1 These girls are taxi-grabbing pros!2014-10-16 19.30.51 BEDTIME2014-10-17 08.48.15 Friday:  Working on her Lego Friends set as we get ready2014-10-17 09.44.27 Headed to lunch at the American Girl Store2014-10-17 11.10.42 2014-10-17 12.39.11 2014-10-17 13.06.22 Happy about her new doll (whose name has changed a few times- not sure what it is right now), thanks to Granddaddy and Spiffer!2014-10-17 14.34.58 2014-10-17 14.57.16 Attached at the hip to their new babies2014-10-17 14.59.36 2014-10-17 15.05.49 Even while she napped2014-10-17 16.32.16 Getting ready for a night at the theatre2014-10-17 16.51.532014-10-17 17.42.38 Dinner at John’s Pizzeria2014-10-17 18.07.15 2014-10-17 18.42.50Ready to see Aladdin- it was a fantastic show!2014-10-17 19.43.35 2014-10-17 20.00.37 2014-10-17 20.02.10 Working off some energy at intermission2014-10-17 21.25.34 Walked through Times Square on the way home/ quest to find a cab2014-10-17 22.37.25-1 Saturday:  Off to Central Park and cheering on our Rebs!2014-10-18 10.48.44-1

Exploring Central Park Zoo2014-10-18 12.53.12 2014-10-18 12.53.27 2014-10-18 12.55.09 2014-10-18 13.02.42 2014-10-18 13.18.44 The Children’s Zoo at Central Park was really neat too.2014-10-18 13.59.12 2014-10-18 14.02.10 2014-10-18 14.03.05-1 2014-10-18 14.09.12 We finally found the big rock in Central Park with the view of the city!2014-10-18 14.23.50 2014-10-18 14.27.41 2014-10-18 14.33.38 HDR-1 Carriage ride through the park2014-10-18 14.46.34 2014-10-18 15.03.21 Snacking at Todd English’s at the Plaza- a great spot for taking a rest/snack/drink and people watching.2014-10-18 15.40.19 Walked through the beautiful Plaza lobby2014-10-18 16.10.01 Had to stop at FAO Schwartz, of course!2014-10-18 16.32.16 HG finally wanted to play on the “BIG” piano2014-10-18 16.43.36 2014-10-18 16.44.19 2014-10-18 16.59.15 2014-10-18 17.09.53 Dinner at Central Park Boathouse- amazing view, service, and food! Will definitely add this to our favorites’ list.2014-10-18 17.33.53 Waiting patiently for dinner, thanks to their new toys from FAO. We didn’t necessarily plan our afternoon in that order, but it sure worked out nicely for the mamas to have a nice, quiet dinner while they were entertained and happy. {Note to self:  Central Park closes to car at some hour (we arrived at 5:45), so the taxi dropped us off at the 72nd Street (upper east side) entrance. We walked into the park to get to the restaurant, and they provided a shuttle to the same entrance afterward.}2014-10-18 17.36.04 2014-10-18 17.39.13 2014-10-18 17.59.08 2014-10-18 18.04.40 Perfect end to our girls’ trip2014-10-18 18.12.02 Sunday:  Grabbing a Starbucks before we head to the airport2014-10-19 09.23.25 2014-10-19 13.19.28 HG found a good hiding spot in DC on our layover.2014-10-19 14.39.02 And a nap was a necessity.2014-10-19 17.25.24 So much fun to grab your own stuff off the carousel!2014-10-19 17.33.50

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