Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Break 2014: Boston

For Fall Break, we headed to Boston! If there were a picture to depict our trip, this would be it…Helen Grace kept a journal with her at all times and would sit down on any nearby bench or curb to document what we did along the way.2014-10-11 22.11.39

Wednesday night:  Arriving in Boston just in time for bed, our savvy little traveler was eagerly waiting on our luggage. She LOVES to grab her car seat off the carousel.2014-10-08 20.31.39Thursday:  Early morning snuggles2014-10-09 07.20.39 Ready to explore!2014-10-09 10.07.35 First thing, Boston Duck Tours2014-10-09 10.53.43 2014-10-09 10.55.33 2014-10-09 11.00.23 2014-10-09 10.59.15 Then we went to Quincy Market to find some lunch.2014-10-09 12.00.54 She discovered clam chowder and loved it. Anything she can dip and eat with a toothpick is a guaranteed hit!2014-10-09 12.18.56 Off to New England Aquarium2014-10-09 13.09.37 2014-10-09 13.24.13 2014-10-09 13.40.21 2014-10-09 13.57.39 And a ferry ride over to the USS Constitution2014-10-09 14.33.12 2014-10-09 14.33.56-1 IMG_0062 IMG_0065 IMG_0069 2014-10-09 15.06.37 2014-10-09 15.18.33 2014-10-09 15.20.20 2014-10-09 16.00.11 Old State HouseIMG_0078 Faneuil HallIMG_0079 2014-10-09 18.02.50 Waiting for dinner at Union Oyster House- although the wait was an hour, we loved this place- ambiance, food, entertainment.2014-10-09 18.24.34 The hostess took a shine to HG and offered to let her HOLD a lobster. She had so much fun that she asked to eat lobster for dinner- no fear! She settled for more clam chowder though.2014-10-09 18.41.22 2014-10-09 19.33.21 2014-10-09 19.39.30 Walking home from dinner2014-10-09 20.49.17-1 2014-10-09 20.55.34Friday:  Boston Common playground2014-10-10 10.35.55 2014-10-10 10.55.30 We found the Make Way for Ducklings statues in the Public Garden.2014-10-10 11.21.26 2014-10-10 11.24.52 2014-10-10 11.49.02 Lunch at 29 Newbury:  the waiter was very nice and packed us up a to go box of bread for the duckies.2014-10-10 12.04.58 Back to the ducks and swans with bread this time2014-10-10 12.55.33 2014-10-10 12.57.41 2014-10-10 12.58.32After a sushi dinner, we headed to Mike’s Pastry for cannoli.2014-10-10 19.27.16 2014-10-10 19.36.40 2014-10-10 19.56.43-1Saturday (in the pouring rain):  Children’s Museum2014-10-11 10.44.32 2014-10-11 11.02.03 2014-10-11 11.02.49After we waited out the rain in a movie theater (“Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”), the sun finally came out, and we were able to get to Paul Revere’s House. Things haven’t changed much since 1988.IMG_51342014-10-11 15.51.19 2014-10-11 19.18.45 Old North Church2014-10-11 16.08.41 IMG_0109 2014-10-11 16.26.10 Baby girl was crashing quickly, so we hit up Legal Seafood for an early dinner where we learned her bottom tooth was too loose to eat corn on the cob. When she finally let me touch it, I about threw up- it was really wiggly. We did some shopping afterward, and there we realized that her permanent tooth was coming in behind the loose tooth. Mama needed to sit down a minute!! She was so excited and made us text and email everyone we know.2014-10-11 16.45.49Sunday:  Home again, home again, jiggety jig!2014-10-12 08.58.05 2014-10-12 09.13.28 This child loves a Sky Club. And journaling in a Sky Club takes the cake!2014-10-12 09.53.53

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