Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Year of the Mouse

We had Nutcracker costume pics this weekend, and this is FINALLY the year for HG to be a mouse!!! Cutest little mouse I’ve ever seen! And she couldn’t stop looking at herself with a little lipstick on.

2014-10-25 15.51.45 2014-10-25 15.51.59-1 Watching the big girls practicing2014-10-25 15.55.11 Car selfies2014-10-25 16.06.02 2014-10-25 16.06.06 2014-10-25 16.06.31 2014-10-25 16.06.37

Pumpkin Carving

HG chose a kitty cat bat for our jack o’lantern this year. Her daddy is such a good sport to work so tirelessly (with the help of so many little hands and paws) to bring her request to life.

2014-10-25 09.05.43 Digging for seeds with her spoon2014-10-25 09.14.42 Looking for seeds 2014-10-25 09.19.51 Finally getting her hands dirty2014-10-25 09.20.31 2014-10-25 10.51.16 How does a kitty carve a pumpkin??2014-10-25 10.51.30 

The many faces of Helen GraceCF6C5528 CF6C5530 Snaggle PussCF6C5537 CF6C5550 CF6C5551

Toohig Tidbits: October

As Grandma dropped something, HG told her, “You made that mess; now you clean it up!” HA!

“I feel most cozy when I’m in my bed or in my mama’s arms.”

“Even if Daddy grew a beard, I’d still like him! And when I get home, I’m going to chase him around because I’m so excited to see him!” ~On the plane home from NYC

HG took a riding lesson with a different teacher while we were trying to work with our travel plans. Ms. Louise told HG, “You are TOUGH and not shy!” She said she was very intuitive and smart on the horse. Makes a mama proud.

HG wrote a note to her teacher to apologize for not paying attention during an exercise, and it spurred a frenzy of writing thank you notes. My friend gave her a stack of note cards, and she’d write the whole drive to school or come home and sit down at the kitchen table to write. She can put together simple sentences using her sight words. Very cool to see her so excited to write and then write thoughtful and sweet notes to her teachers and friends. On the learning front, she can put the days of the week and months of the year in order, and {most days} she can count well over 100.


Date night with the Hudsons at the Felicia Suzanne’s chef’s table2014-10-03 19.52.14 Peggy love2014-10-05 15.50.48 Constant companion2014-10-05 19.54.35 First request of pig tails2014-10-07 07.34.39Since we missed SAA’s family night/ open house while she was in the hospital, Mrs. Mungle invited me to lunch one day this week to see all of her masterpieces. This is for the blessing of the pets.2014-10-07 13.23.27 The card she made her teachers at LeB2014-10-07 13.29.14 “When I grow up, I want to be a mom.”2014-10-07 13.31.13 “I like to play with my kitten.”2014-10-07 13.31.46 “Before school I brush my teeth.” I love the reflection in the mirror!2014-10-07 13.32.31 “I wish to go to Boston.” She remembered that I told her our hotel was overlooking the harbor, so she drew the water next to the hotel. She added the plane up in the sky too.2014-10-07 13.32.39 2014-10-07 13.35.14 Riding on October 7th2014-10-07 15.37.57 2014-10-07 15.58.55 First time to play with crab apples and she was *determined* to crack it. I eventually had to get in the car and run it over.2014-10-07 16.21.21-1Pumpkin picking with Spiffer on the Monday of Fall Break2014-10-13 09.22.19 2014-10-13 09.22.48 2014-10-13 10.12.18 First day of winter uniform2014-10-14 07.09.00 If I look a little tired, it’s because this is how I sleep…2014-10-15 05.14.10 Crazy pajama pant day at school2014-10-15 07.12.12 HG wanted our little ghosts to look out the front door. Blue was terribly curious and wanted to be the third ghost.2014-10-15 16.37.51HG playing with Peg’s Maggie2014-10-19 19.10.20 Crazy daddy2014-10-19 19.15.46 2014-10-19 19.15.48 Just chillin’2014-10-22 06.34.19 Rainbow day at school2014-10-22 07.03.22 This is what happens when you let Granddaddy and HG loose in the Dollar Store2014-10-22 21.42.22 HG put together these goodie bags for her teachers- an apple, candy corn, chocolates, and a napkin.2014-10-24 06.42.40This is life with a princess2014-10-25 09.55.41Making himself comfortable2014-10-26 13.35.25 Back in the saddle after missing a few weeks of riding (October 26th)- you couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.2014-10-26 16.36.49-1 2014-10-26 16.44.17 And Ms. Jody sent her home with fistfuls of candy too!2014-10-26 17.17.22

This sassy girl got on some random kick and spit out this rant about boys not bossing her around. I doubled over in laughter, and when I recovered, I asked her to do it again so I could get it on tape.

This cat is crazy for water. While I was running HG’s bath, he jumped into the tub, trying to ‘catch’ the water. Ridiculous.