Sunday, May 11, 2014

Toohig Tidbits from May

A peek into our first two weeks of May…

Had to share these gems from her second to last soccer game on the first Friday in May. We went to play with Darby before the game.2014-05-02 16.34.01-1 2014-05-02 17.15.10-1 Chatting with Lilah and Ellis2014-05-02 20.23.21 Cutting up with OliviaP1050135 Catching up with Bella Marie after the gameP1050141 

We met the Baldersons at Cameron Brown Park after school one day for a much needed play date.2014-05-01 15.38.57 One minute they are wrestling and screaming; the next minute they are holding hands and skipping. It must be love.2014-05-01 15.50.46 Little friends; BIG stories.2014-05-01 16.19.45-1 2014-05-01 16.20.02 2014-05-01 16.31.15 Enjoying a beautiful night with dinner on the patio at Lost Pizza2014-05-03 17.16.45John put together a rocker to go on our back porch, and HG said, “Daddy, you’re a Tinker Bell!”  Ha! 2014-05-04 10.38.25 2014-05-04 15.06.08 Feeding the horses at Grandma’s next door neighbor’s house2014-05-04 18.12.192014-05-04 18.13.25 2014-05-04 18.13.52 She really likes this one which she’s named Goldie.2014-05-04 18.14.55 This is how we do homework at our house. Cats rule this place.2014-05-05 17.44.25-1 Now that we’ve spent some time sprucing up the back patio with rockers and flowers, she often asks for a dinner picnic. 2014-05-05 18.23.39 Clowning around with her daddy2014-05-05 18.29.45-1 Mariella has baby ducklings again.2014-05-06 16.04.42 On the eve of our 8th anniversary, we pulled out our wedding DVD and let HG watch it. She was so cute as she squealed each time she saw a familiar face.2014-05-06 18.59.05 She HATES going to get her hair cut, but once she gets there, she LOVES it. 2014-05-07 14.51.28 She’s talked me into getting one of those butterfly kits like she has at school, and our caterpillars (she says ‘catapitters’) have arrived. GROSS. What we do for our little ones. She’s invited Mrs. Gossett, Mrs. Blaizel, and Mrs. Jill to come over to see them.2014-05-07 18.29.49-2 Spring 2014 soccer pics2014-05-08 18.19.09 2014-05-09 18.45.18 Seafood Junction funP1050114 Past her bedtimeP1050117 We stopped at Muddy’s after school. I went to grab a napkin, and this is what I came back 1

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