Monday, May 26, 2014

School Birthday Day

Since school let out at noon on Thursday the 22nd and HG’s birthday isn’t until the 25th, her teachers let her celebrate on Wednesday the 21st. She took Muddy’s cupcakes (pink, of course) to share with her friends at snack time, and she choose to take Polka Dot (her pink fluffy teddy bear) for her show and tell.

I took her Chick-fil-A for lunch and enjoyed the rowdy last lunch at school. Once she and I took a selfie, the whole class attacked her, wanting her to take their pic. It’s amazing what five years know about taking pics with iPhones! After lunch, it was time for the class to release the ladybugs they had grown. It would be a miracle if all the ladybugs survived the stampede that ensued once they started to fly away!

I checked her out early to go see the Butterflies 3D IMAX movie at the Pink Palace, and for the first time ever, she actually left the 3D glasses on and enjoyed trying to ‘catch’ butterflies.

At 3:30, we met her schoolmates at Gould’s Academy for a Frozen party for her friend, Maren. They got their nails and hair (HG only wanted nails) down, and then the REAL Elsa came to visit and sing to them. BIG hit.

Afterward, she requested sushi, so we swung by Benihana’s for some shrimp and sushi for the birthday girl.

Needless to say, we BOTH went right to sleep that night!

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