Friday, May 9, 2014

Last Second Pres Soccer Game

Well, despite a near ‘mom fail’ on my part where I missed the email saying Friday’s night game had been moved to Thursday night, Helen Grace had an amazing last game of the spring Second Pres soccer season. A big thanks to her grandparents who were able to pull it- and everyone- together to get to the game within a few hours’ notice.

The difference from last season to this one is staggering. She’s not dancing down the field anymore and runs with purpose. She will get her foot on the ball from time to time and make some good progress for the team- she even got an assist in this game! She’s enjoyed playing with her schoolmates and is flourishing with that bond of friendship. She flitters from team to team before and after the game, giving hugs to her SAA friends. She seems so much more confident and happy on the field with her girls by her side! Coach Katie did a great job of encouraging and leading them too. We couldn’t have asked for a better season!

CF6C3185 CF6C3195 CF6C3196 Waving to “her people” on the sidelinesCF6C3206 CF6C3207P1050149 CF6C3216Halftime team photo. Front row from left to right: Mary Kate, Emma, Mary Caroline, Claire. Back row: Olivia, HG, Ellis, Ms. Katie, Lilah (We are missing Evie who was at the beach)CF6C3224 HG kept beckoning for Grandma from across the field, so she finally had to go over there to sit on the sideline with her for a minute (and a cuddle).CF6C3232 CF6C3238 CF6C3240 Tackled by ClaireCF6C3242 CF6C3249 CF6C3261 HG boots it hard to Emma up front, and Emma takes it down the field for a goal. See Katie’s face saying, “Whoa, HG!”CF6C3263 And she’s got an assist!!! Lifted into the air by Lilah!CF6C3266 “Good game; good game.”CF6C3276 SUPER excited about the tunnel and the winCF6C3287 And off to tackle PeggyCF6C3290 CF6C3297 CF6C3301 “Who wants to play soccer next year?”CF6C3307 OMGOMGOMGOMG, A TROPHY!!!!!CF6C3315 CF6C3317 CF6C3319

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