Monday, May 26, 2014

Garden Fairy SAA Birthday Party

After school last Thursday, Helen Grace celebrated her birthday along with two other May birthday friends from school, Bella Marie and Olivia, at Millstone Market with a garden fairy party.

The girls dressed up like fairies, made fairy dust, listened to a story about fairies, went on a scavenger hunt around the nursery for fairy keepsakes, built a fairy garden, and enjoyed a sweet cupcake and pink lemonade.

Helen Grace really got into all of it. She picked out her costume, loved getting all decked out in her fairy ‘gear,’ enjoyed telling everyone how to make the fairy dust (modeled from the dust Peter Pan gave her last year), soaked up every minute of the scavenger hunt, and freaked out when she found the fairy dust that the fairy left during her visit to her garden.

Enjoy the pictures of our favorite little fairies!

2014-05-24 21.56.35CF6C3329 Grace and OliviaCF6C3333 They had a very loud and excited bird in the nursery. HG and BM were so intrigued….until it squawked for the next hour.CF6C3335 This is what happens when you tell 5/6 year olds to hug and say ‘cheese.’CF6C3336  The birthday fairies: Olivia, HG, and Bella MarieCF6C3343 CF6C3357 CF6C3359 CF6C3362 P1050218   Thankfully, Spiffer jumped right back into teacher mode to help with the fairy dust project.CF6C3376 Evie and EmersonCF6C3380 CF6C3386 Olivia, Emma, ClaireCF6C3398 Getting ready to go on the scavenger huntCF6C3402 Found a birdhouse!CF6C3434 CF6C3441 CF6C3456 Back to the greenhouse to build the fairy gardensCF6C3461 Mary Kate, Ellis, LilahCF6C3465 CF6C3498 CF6C3503 Ms./Coach Katie and LilahCF6C3528  Listening to a fairy storyCF6C3542 CF6C3544 “Ah! The fairies have been to our gardens!!!” (with Sophia)CF6C3549 Emerson, HG, Olivia, Bella MarieCF6C3556 CF6C3562 CF6C3565 CF6C3571 CF6C3572 CF6C3579 When HG got tired of her fairy crown…CF6C3598 CF6C3602P1050226 P1050231 Happy birthday to our favorite little fairies!CF6C3616

Afterward, we went to Bronte for dinner, and while we ate, there was a wild rainstorm. Immediately afterward, we were blessed with this AMAZING double rainbow.

2014-05-15 18.28.582014-05-15 18.30.28

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