Monday, May 26, 2014

5th Birthday: Ice Skating Queen

For her family birthday this year, Helen Grace asked for an ice skating party complete with rainbows. I’m not quite sure where the rainbows came from, but we had fun bringing in two of her favorite sweet treats- gum balls and lollipops- to help with the theme, along with rainbow colored chevrons everywhere.

Thankfully, not many other people in town wanted to ice skate on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, so we basically had the place to ourselves. We quickly enjoyed cupcakes (still without singing Happy Birthday) and then hit the ice. Helen Grace did not use a walker, only slipped once at the beginning, and was a big help as her friends got the hang of it. We had a ton of first-time skaters, and many were hard to get off the ice when it was time to go home!

Afterward, we went to Newk’s and Gracie Bleu with the Eskrigges and Hasseltines before the Jackson crowd had to hit the road. As always, we loved getting to catch up with them, and the girl cousins had a big ole time giggling and being silly.

We are so thankful for our family and friends helping us celebrate five years with our breath-taking, feisty, brilliant, hard headed, brave, and cuddly little girl.

The Jackson crewCF6C3654 CF6C3661 CF6C3662CF6C3667 CourtlynCF6C3669 The GracesCF6C3673 She about knocked over Granddaddy when he arrived.CF6C3677“I’m four until May 25.”CF6C3682 CF6C3686 CF6C3693 CF6C3696 CF6C3701 IMG_20140524_125951395 Working hard coloring with LawsonCF6C3715 CF6C3723 CallumCF6C3745 2014-05-24 13.04.05 Monkeying around with LawsonCF6C3752 The Harris family (minus Haney)CF6C3758 CF6C3762 CF6C3766CF6C3768 Hugs from CamilleCF6C3775 MalloryCF6C3777 2014-05-24 15.27.31 IMG_5830 IMG_5837 IMG_5840 Camille and Ann Maxwell palled up together on the ice.IMG_5847 Even Baby Charlotte got in on the action!IMG_5853 Always the competitorsIMG_5855 IMG_5859 Finley and Emmett got some ice time too.IMG_5863 Baby Addison made an appearance!IMG_5873 P1050300 P1050311 Trouble!2014-05-24 15.47.06

2014-05-24 17.20.04 2014-05-24 17.26.11 IMG_20140524_172152236

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