Friday, January 17, 2014


We seem to have a common theme for the first part of January…sleepy pics. I promise we are busy with lots of fun things, although it doesn’t look like it from this post! I can’t help that my people are photogenic when they are asleep/sleepy.

Is there room for Mama in her bed?2014-01-11 22.16.53Rebel is a great guard cat. If he’s not on the top of her chair, he’s on her pillow.2014-01-13 19.09.34 I was out late one night this week for a DG alum meeting, and when I got home and went up to give her a kiss, this is the angel that I found in her bed. Had to run for the camera!CF6C3030 CF6C3035She has fallen in love with the fleece pajama pants that Hayes and Hastings gave her for Christmas. She usually won’t wear any pants that aren’t tight to her legs (not even skinny jeans), but when she was cold the other night after dance and before bath, she put these on and I had to fight her to get them off. Cozy!2014-01-15 18.04.37

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