Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zoo Lights {by Day}

With the frigid temps we’ve had this holiday season, we’ve (I’ve) tried to avoid Zoo Lights, a nighttime holiday event at the zoo. But we had a somewhat mild weekend recently (right before Christmas), and HG asked to go to the zoo. We were able to enjoy all the highlights of Zoo Lights- the Ferris wheel, lighted displays, and s’mores- without the dark, cold, and crowds. Plus, with the overcast day, we had the place to ourselves. It was a win-win!

She was so excited about the s’mores, and after I snapped this pic at the beginning of her first marshmallow, she decided the playground was more exciting and ran off to play. More s’mores for mommy and daddy!2013-12-22 13.05.432013-12-22 13.44.58 "Look over the edge, Mommy! It’s not scary!”2013-12-22 13.43.00 2013-12-22 13.56.54 2013-12-22 14.08.22

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