Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Girls’ Date

Last Wednesday was a special girl-bonding day. After my moms’ Bible study, I met Spiffer for lunch at Old Venice. We very rarely have a whole meal to ourselves, and we just talked and talked, barely stopping to catch a breath! We did a little shopping before it was time to pick up Helen Grace from school. Luckily, we didn’t have much time, or we’d have gotten in trouble. Spiffer then rode with me to SAA, and HG asked to go to the bookstore to play for a bit before dance.

We followed around behind HG as she asked for every. single. stuffed. animal in the store, and I continually told her that I’d buy her any book or smart toy/game that she wanted. She finally got the hint and then started asking, “Is this a ‘learning math’ toy?” Not sure where she got that term, but she’s continued to use it. At least she finally got the point!

After she selected her ‘learning math’ toy, a dinosaur egg excavation kit, we had a seat in the cafe and enjoyed sharing a late afternoon snack. Then, we had to bust a move to dance class, but what a sweet and fun girls’ afternoon!

This is how we roll…at 7:00 a.m…2014-01-22 07.11.57 Snacking at Bronte2014-01-22 15.01.27-22014-01-22 15.04.04Working on her ‘learning math’ project2014-01-22 17.37.12

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