Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

“On the fourth day of Christmas, my Grandma brought to me four dove-n eggs and a pear in a pear tree!”

“We went wild at recess! Like a monkey that wants an extra banana so bad!”

She often requests that we turn off all the lights in the bathroom, turn on the light in the bathtub that flashes different colors, crank up the music, and have a disco party!

She saw a picture of John as a baby at Grandma’s house. She told Grandma, “That makes me sad. He was such a cute baby. Too bad he had to grow up!”

She was playing at Spiffer’s house, and she picked up a cross and handed it to her, saying, “To you. From the house of the Lord.”

Her Southern accent continues with words like ‘tore-nay-duh’ and ‘pill-ah’ and ‘mir-ah.’ Making her Yankee daddy proud- not!

Violet Day at schoolviolet dayWhite Day at school2014-01-17 07.39.58 Family dinner night this weekend2014-01-18 18.47.09 And we came home and HG surprised with a foot rub from her and Daddy. Totally her idea. WOW! (I think she just enjoys making a mess with the lotion, but hey, I’ll take it.)2014-01-18 20.07.26

HG is constantly making up new songs. This is just a quick sample of her creativity.

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