Sunday, January 12, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

We started off the year right with lunch at McAlister’s with the Browns…2014-01-01 12.46.57 …and then ended the first day of the year with a family cuddle on the couch. Perfect.2014-01-01 18.55.54-22014-01-01 23.05.34 2014-01-01 23.05.51 Celebrating Libby’s fourth birthday with a pixie party2014-01-04 10.06.17 Caroline too!2014-01-04 10.19.41 And Camille- fairy overload!2014-01-04 10.26.27Apparently packing up Christmas decorations is not as much fun as putting them out. As I worked, “Mommy, can you bend down a little so that I can see the tv?”2014-01-04 16.08.26 She helped me write a label on some of the ornament boxes.2014-01-04 16.27.34 After four years, I am finally letting go and updating my mouse pad at work. What a difference!2014-01-06 08.30.26-1 After-school cupcake2014-01-08 14.26.22-2 When Daddy’s out of town, Mama’s bed gets a little crowded.2014-01-08 19.35.34-2 Can’t stop taking sleeping baby girl pictures2014-01-09 21.44.32 After school on Friday, we met Camille (and Jen) at the Pink Palace for an IMAX show about dolphins. We all loved it. IMAXWe had a big day on Saturday. Grace Ann, Suzanne, and Gloria were in town, so we played with them at Spiffer’s and then met the Hasseltines for lunch at El Porton, followed by some TCBY. On the way home, she passed out in the car, so I just hung out in the car in the garage with her once we arrived home. She stirred at one point, fussed a bit, and slid out of her seat. This is how she landed and continued to sleep for 20 mins!2014-01-11 16.57.27 Dinner with Grandma and Peggy at Zaxby’s. She loves this perch and is really into these finger lasers we found this week.2014-01-11 18.53.56 2014-01-11 18.54.27-1

Over new year’s week, Granddaddy and Spiffer took her to SkyZone. I had hoped one of them would make an appearance on this video, but no such luck. :)

Granddaddy videoed this puppet show of Spiffer and Helen Grace. Long but hilarious!

Our little acrobat loves to flip with Granddaddy.

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