Thursday, January 2, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

When we were coming home from NYC and landed in Memphis, she said, “Yayyy!!” I asked her if she were excited, and she said, “Well, I am a Mississippi girl!”

On her first morning back at school, one of the Schwartz boys came up to me and said, “We really missed Helen Grace while she was in New York.” Talk about a mama’s heart melting!

She has picked up some hilarious sayings lately- “Thanks a lot for that.” “You can say that again.” “Seriously!”

One of her favorite sayings lately that makes my blood boil is, “Just one more minute, Mama,” with that little sass and attitude. It’s her excuse every time I ask her to do something. She’ll never do it the first time. After several thousand warnings, I told her I’d spank her if I heard her say it again. So one night at bedtime, she opened her mouth to say it, caught herself, put her little finger up in the air at me, and proudly told me that she knew she’d be in trouble if she said it, so she’d show me. GRRRR. Needless to say, she hasn’t done either of those since then.

She’s really been playing with my hair lately when she’s riding on my hip. She’ll pull it all behind me and flatten it out, and then she’ll twist it into strands.

We’ve been talking about how some of her ‘aunts/uncles/cousins’ are by blood and some are by love. That got us talking about how you share ‘blood’ with your family. She’ll proudly tell you, “I have Indian blood. And Irish blood. And Mississippi blood.”

The “be her” requests are at an all-time high. Amongst all of HG’s people, we all kind of chuckle when someone new arrives and is attacked by, “Be her! Be her!” (as we quietly escape the scene). I love her imagination, but she is relentless and could go on for hours!

Speaking of imagination, she told me tonight, “Mommy, remember when I was a baby and kicked you while I was in your tummy? Those were all times I was telling you that I loved you!”

Little pilgrims (back from November)class pilgrimsI can’t get enough of sleeping baby girl pictures.2013-12-11 21.30.59Christmas pajama day at school. Might I mention that this was the day after we came home from NYC, and our luggage was still MIA. Grandma had given these to HG right before our trip, and I luckily left them at home so that they’d be clean and ready for school. What a relief!2013-12-18 07.55.11 I snapped a shot of her signature recently. It’s come a long way. She tends to write just Helen when she’s in a hurry or being lazy, but after I call her Helen for a while, she gets mad enough that she starts back with Helen Grace.2013-12-19 13.43.29 Breakfast at Spiffer’s house2013-12-21 07.30.05-1 I wanted to start a new tradition of making a pallet and sleeping in front of the Christmas tree one night. HG thought this idea was the coolest thing since sliced bread. The perfect night ended up being one that the power kept going on and off after a wild storm. When it was still out, she set up camp in the den floor at bedtime, and the lights came back on right as she was snuggling in. But it seemed like good timing, so we stuck with it. I soon realized that the floor was a lot harder than I had though and snuck back to my bed, but HG slept there until the wee hours of the morning. Notice in the pic that MoMo is watching over her from under the tree.2013-12-21 21.51.11-2 I want to remember every bit of this beautiful profile.2013-12-22 16.34.32-2 Granddaddy put together this picture of ‘Santa and Me’ from over the years. How big she has grown!santa and meHG wanted Bubba to help her make a bead necklace one night at her house over the holidays.2013-12-23 18.41.34 2013-12-23 18.43.05This weekend (after Christmas), we celebrated Addison’s first birthday. Isaiah, Peter, and HG had a blast ‘helping’ her open her presents.2013-12-28 13.31.57 2013-12-28 13.36.26 The playing with the hair comment made me remember this- a pic from earlier in December when we all went over to Ryves and Mary Chris’s house for John to take newborn pics of Darby. John snapped this one of Ryves playing with HG’s hair. I think this gene runs strong in the Moore family!CF6C2081Helen Grace, I mean Tinker Bell, learned Granddaddy’s secrets of tea making. Maybe she’ll take on this tradition in our family, along with his ability to fix anything in our house.20131231_130436 20131231_130601

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