Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Merry!

Christmas morning was finally here!

While Helen Grace has been clear that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and that we celebrate Him on this day (school has helped A LOT with this mindset, thankfully), she was excited for Santa to come visit her and *hopefully* bring her the Ariel that turns from a human to a mermaid. She had originally asked for a rainbow castle- first, a little castle for little princesses, and then, one that she could color- but she soon backed off that request and only wanted Ariel.

Needless to say, when she saw Ariel waiting on her on Christmas morning, she was happier than could be that Santa had heard her wish! She largely left it sitting there though and really focused on the little wooden castle with little princesses. She played with it hours on Christmas and consistently ever since then as she lugs it from room to room (wherever we happen to be). She has played with the big, color-able, cardboard castle on and off and has enjoyed putting all of her stickers from Santa on it as decorations. In the past week, she’s come back to the Ariel doll and has carried it around a good bit. Santa brought her some Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious books, nail polish, princess panties, and chapstick, and we gave her Ariel and Tinker Bell dolls.

Also, she didn’t initially make a big deal about Santa leaving her a trail of Hershey Kisses (like he used to do at my house as a child), but she has since mentioned it excitedly several times. She noticed that the reindeer ate four big bites out of the carrots and was confused because there were six reindeer…two must not have needed a snack!

Later than morning, Spiffer and Granddaddy came over to give her their gifts and play for a bit. The big hit was a puppet show and a ton of puppets. HG’s “be her” request has reached a whole new level! I’m tempted to send the theatre back to their house. {I’m only kind of kidding- heehee.}

Another favorite was a pink and black tutu from Mary Chris and Ryves. She wore it all morning and insisted on wearing it to Christmas dinner at Spiffer’s house, bucking my suggestion of a cute Christmas dress. I gave up the fight and tried to let the Christmas cheer take over!

IMG_5453 IMG_54542013-12-28 23.34.08

CF6C2980 MoMo was waiting patiently for his present.CF6C2986 CF6C2987 CF6C2990 CF6C3005 She must have sat here for an hour straight. This castle has been the biggest hit so far.IMG_5462Mocha likes it too.2013-12-25 11.08.40 The tutu was an insta-hit.2013-12-25 11.15.58 Wish I could remember what she and Spiffer had just said- they were up to something!IMG_5468 And the hands-on-the-hips came out.IMG_5474 The kitties went crazy over their catnip toys from Grandma & Peggy.CF6C2998 Worked hard to get a pic of her at Christmas dinner, but this was the best we could do.2013-12-25 16.06.50 Again, she only wanted to take the pic.2013-12-25 16.08.46 2013-12-25 18.52.49 2013-12-25 19.14.53 2013-12-25 19.20.56-1

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