Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mermaids & Rock Stars

Helen Grace spent the weekend in costume, and she loved every minute of it. First, we celebrated Daily’s 6th birthday ‘under the sea’ with a mermaid party, and then we rang in Haney’s 6th birthday with a rock star dance party.

My beautiful and happy little mermaid. She wore this thing for hours. I had to beg her not to wear it out to dinner that night.2014-01-18 15.31.20-1I somehow managed to leave the party with a pic of HG and Remle but not one of Daily. Probably because HG and Remle spent at least 30 minutes running around the church’s back halls playing tag while Daily was behaving like a princess and entertaining her guests. :)2014-01-18 17.03.17 HG and Haney as rock stars2014-01-19 14.28.29 Mallory even got in on the action. These two were dangerous dance partners!2014-01-19 15.13.16 2014-01-19 15.13.22

Most of the girls at the party went to school with Haney, so it took a while for HG to warm up. But once she did, man, she didn’t stop dancing!

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