Thursday, January 2, 2014

March of the Peabody Ducks

On the Monday before Christmas, Helen Grace and I headed downtown to meet our friends Hope, Emily, Amy, and Chloe to watch the famous Peabody ducks march to their throne, the lobby fountain. We got there early enough to get our crew a great spot in the lobby, and the kids were able to sit alongside the red carpet. We ran into our old neighbors, Karen and Emily, and the girls enjoyed catching up. After the march, Helen Grace and I went up to the rooftop where we promptly were frozen into blocks of ice and then we grabbed a bite to eat at Huey’s. A fun morning in the city!

 IMG_5385 Our old neighbor, Emilypeabody 004 HG is flanked by her Emily friends.peabody 007 Too tired to make YouTube work properly. Skip to 30 seconds to see the ducks come a’ running!

IMG_5393 After the ducks arrived, a group of violinists performed Christmas carols. HG was spellbound.IMG_5394 IMG_5400Mama got suckered into a ducky to commemorate our date. He was promptly (and adequately) named Crazy (like his owner).2013-12-23 12.38.16 Crazy was learning how to play a game on Mama’s

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